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Foolproof packing during travelling is a skill, but now even you can master it. Pick a suitable comfortable backpack that can fit all your essentials and can be carried with ease. To ensure, you don’t forget anything, prepare a checklist and tick off items while packing.

If you think carrying too many items can cause your bag to become heavy, stick to the basic travel accessories that can help you enjoy your vacation. Whether you are embarking on a trekking trip or inter-rail journey, these recommended products will cater to your every need.

Here’s a list of 21 travel essentials that your backpack needs to have:

  1. Disinfection basics: the pandemic has taught us to safeguard ourselves from all kinds of germs. So, carry protective face masks, sterilizing wipes, hand sanitizers or sterilizing sprays and gloves, specifically during transit.
  2. Travel wallet: keep your passport, tickets and documents safe using a travel wallet. You can also use a ridge case with multiple sections to carry coins, key cards, multiple currencies that need to be exchanged etc.
  3. Outfits: carry sets of comfortable versatile clothes, intimates and suitable footwear for specific weather and different outdoor activities, with relaxed PJs for the nights. Additionally, swimsuits, climbing gear and an easy dry travel towel are must-haves.
  4. Wearables: for added comfort you can carry slip-on shoe or slide sandals and wear compression socks or tights to rest your feet and legs during travelling. Depending on the weather, carry a blanket scarf, cap or hat and a spare change of clothes.
  5. Mid-flight entertainment: for long flights, distract yourself with a good book, magazine and other reading material or use an e-reader. You can also use a tablet or iPad to play games, watch movies, listen to music and more. Don’t forget to pair them with noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds.
  6. Gadget accessories: keep your portable charger, cables (organized using gear ties) and travel adaptors handy to charge your phone on the go or carry a wireless charging pad and earbud charging case. Also use a waterproof phone cover for extreme weather conditions.
  7. Travel journal: to capture the best vacation memories, use a compact camera (and ensure you carry appropriate accessories plus extra batteries) and a notebook, foldaway diary or scrapbook to make a note of your trip details.
  8. Handy toiletries: travel toiletry bags are compact, waterproof and can be used to store items like toothpaste, toothbrush, hair comb, nail clippers, shaving kit, aerosols within reach. You can also store shampoos and other fluids in smaller containers to save space.
  9. Skin and hair care: bring along an in-seat pouch to carry travel-sized sunscreen, moisturizer, lip gloss, dry shampoo, hair serum, hair gel or spray and emergency fixes to defend your skin and hair texture from harsh weather conditions.
  10. Eyecare: in addition to your prescription glasses, ensure you have your favorite sunglasses for sunny days. If you are comfortable with contact lenses, use a suitable case and lens cleaner that fits into a quart-sized kit.
  11. Eatables: if you do not have enough time for a sit-down meal or are far away from your destination, curb your hunger instantly with some favorite snacks, chocolate bars, non-perishable cookies, protein bars or candies.
  12. Relaxation essentials: to sleep better during journeys use a comfortable travel pillow, and an eye mask to help you relax. To block out noise or ambient sound and other disturbances, you can also wear a set of foam earplugs.
  13. Water-resistant products: for humid and rainy days carrying a compact umbrella, impermeable mac, backpack cover, sleeping bag liner, dry bag with a shoe carrier are extremely essential to protect self and your travel gear.
  14. Medication: in addition to medicines that you consume regularly, carry fast-acting remedial pills and painkillers at all times. If you get sick during the trip, bring in a few packets of electrolytes, energy drinks, multivitamins and antioxidants.
  15. First aid kit: For extra precaution from unforeseen incidents, accidents and infections carry a first aid box containing ointments, bandages or dressings, insect/bug repellants, along with roller gauze, medical tape, tweezers, scissors and basic antibiotics.
  16. Sanitary necessities: if you are travelling with infants and toddlers, don’t forget to carry baby napkins and sanitary wipes. For the ‘not-so-favorite time of the month’ carry your usual products to manage menstrual hygiene and intimate washing.
  17. Organization aids: packing cubes and self-sealing compression bags help to keep everything systematic and ensure space-saving. You can also use Ziploc bags to protect essentials from moisture or prevent clothes getting dirty due to liquid spillage.
  18. Portable equipment: a transferable clothes drying line is compact and can be easily fixed onto any surface. You can also carry foldable travel hangers that can be used to dry washed clothes conveniently.
  19. Special gear: besides appropriate footwear, carry trekking poles and other hitchhiking paraphernalia that can be fixed onto the backpack pole attachments. If you plan to indulge in water sports, carrying underwater googles and a camera are vital.
  20. Security fundamentals: use a portable doorstop alarm to prevent strangers from entering your room, a whistle to get out of stranded locations and signal danger or other stressful situations. To keep all your belongings safe, use a padlock and carry extra sets of keys.
  21. Other carry-ons: Instead of buying plastic water bottles, use your own collapsible travel bottle or reusable cup to carry potable water. If you plan to walk, hike or trek during late evening hours, carry a flashlight or headlamp to brighten your path.

Choose the most important categories and products from this comprehensive list to keep your luggage organized and ensure you have a seamless in-flight experience. Plan your holidays in advance to get the best deals, compare rentals and save more using combo booking discounts.

Renowned shopping websites, recreational and sports stores provide all travel essentials at beneficial costs. You can also use online coupon codes, promotional deals and enjoy perks on all your purchases.


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