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America’s Most Popular Meal Kit Delivery Services


Folks, who are concerned about weight gain, or wanting to make healthier choices have a bit of good news as a slew of health focused meal kit delivery services have picked up in popularity during the pandemic, so it’s time to start thinking more outside of the box, and into the meal box kit with plenty of benefits including the ability to explore new foods as well as refining your cooking skills. Take advantage of these services without compromising on quality and range in dietary preferences, serving size and price to fit every household. So, without wasting any time get ready to discern a whole medley of flavours where most meal prep services provide kits that require just a few minutes in the microwave before they are ready to eat.

Meal kit deliveries lets you enjoy the fun part without getting into the tedious task of cutting, chopping, measuring and straining, thus making the entire process of planning and cooking meals more convenient. Let this be your ultimate guide if you are looking for some of the most popular Meal Kit delivery services at your doorstep.

Blue Apron: Weekly delivery Kit for Quick meals

It’s time to get cooking with a kit that was one of the first meal kit company to hit the market for a good reason, catering to a lot of dietary lifestyles. Blue Apron brings fresh seasonal produce with exclusive spice blends to keep your dinner interesting with variety always on the menu.

Meal Plans at Blue Apron:

  • Signature recipes includes diabetes-friendly meals and health-conscious offerings from an ever-changing mix of meat, fish, and more.
  • Vegetarian Plan consists of sophisticated meat-free recipes that highlight seasonal produce loaded with quality ingredients.
  • Wellness plan is designed for your holistic health including carb conscious and Weight Watchers’ diet.
  • Signature for 4 is perfect for families, get-togethers where you get to choose two to four recipes from Blue Apron’s selection of 20- minute meals for your weekly box.

Sample Meals at Blue Apron:

  • Pork meatloaves with roasted sweet potato
  • Avocado and Sushi Tofu Bowl
  • Mexican sweet corn salad
  • Farm house fried chicken with potatoes and vegetables

Starts @ $7.49/ serving and goes up depending upon the plan you pick.

Hellofresh: Fresh & Affordable

HelloFresh supports an array of nutritive and healthy meal kits catering to a range of dietary needs, and is all about making the customer happy with its generous portions and affordable plans. Delivering fresh pre-portioned ingredients right at your doorstep, set your meal preferences to choose from 27+ delicious weekly recipes with options for the carnivores, vegetarians and calorie conscious.

Range of Plans at HelloFresh:

  • Veggies & Meat plan is a combination of six total servings for two with the widest variety of seasonal produce, fish, and meat.
  • Family-friendly customizable plan makes it easy for persons with dietary restrictions with easy-to-follow recipes to suit every palete.
  • Veggies plan includes a variety of meals full of fresh seasonal produce
  • Other plans also make sticking to a particular diet like Keto, Pescatarian and quick & easy meal boxes which takes just 30 minutes to make.

Sample Meals:

  • Roasted pepper Cavatappi Milano with crispy panko and chives
  • Spinach Caprese salad with herbed chickpeas
  • Curry spiced chickpeas bowl with roasted veggies & garlic bread

Minimum Order amount: $60/week, the meal boxes are designed to fit easily in the fridge packed full of flavor.

EveryPlate: Best value meal Kit

This meal kit delivery service is perfect for those on a budget. Starting from as low as $3.33, one can expect a lot of comfort food such as meatloaf, burgers and pasta dishes with the capability to skip or cancel a meal anytime. With recipes changing every week choose from the 17 affordable recipes the service is available in most of the states in the United States of America.

Plans to whip up a healthy dinner

  • Classic Plate plan offers meals servings for two to four people with full array of mouth-watering seafood, meat & veggies options
  • Veggie plan is loaded with all the healthy fresh produce for less cash than any fast-food meal overflowing out of the box.
  • Family-friendly options are customizable as per your kids needs & the best part is no matter what the combination, each standard meal is still served at $4.99.
  • Easy Plate lets you take out the stress with the line-up of no fuss meals that too at the most affordable price to keep the customer’s wallet happy.

Most popular samples Meals

  • Creamy smothered Pork chops
  • Caramelized Zucchini Linguine accompanied by lemony Parmesan cream sauce
  • Cuban style black bean bowl with salsa fresca, Poblano and lemon Crema

Home Chef: Highly Recommended

Variety is the spice of life and with a wide assortment of super healthy options at Home Chef, foodies can think healthy and opt for nutritive options to balance their meals. This service is a stand out from the others due to its 15-minute meal kits, grill and oven ready bakes, and meals for special occasions. If rich flavors and aroma are on your list then to keep things interesting Home Chef also offer extras including breakfasts, appetizers, and desserts comforting your starved belly that work great for lunch or as compliments to your meal.

Plans include:

  • Calorie- conscious meals prepared with savvy substitutes
  • Carb Conscious recipes tailored to fit your schedule
  • Less than 30 minutes meals
  • Vegetarian covered with fresh ingredients to satiate your hunger pangs.

Enjoy the sample meals

  • Teriyaki ginger salmon
  • Creamy shrimp carbonara
  • Avocado and tofu sushi bowl

Meals starting at $8.99, and this seems to be the only meal delivery services that offers a discount to healthcare providers and first responders.

Trim the fat from your budget as you treat yourself mindfully while satiating your cravings with delivery from your favourite neighbourhood platforms where you can still save time & energy and surround yourself with healthy choices by ordering online. Expect to see true meal kit masters that are working to make a difference with a focus on items with fibre and protein with fast delivery services especially, when you are in the middle of a work shift.


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