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Top 7 Websites for Booking Flights at the Cheapest Prices


Travel can be pricey, and searching for a flight can be a bit overwhelming, with tons of booking sites competing for your attention. As there is no one size-fits-all booking sites, but if you’re hoping to make your next trip more affordable, we have combed through some popular Online Travel Agents providing incomparable choice with a price guarantee, and offering a slightly different booking & browsing experience.

Scroll down for more in-depth analysis of 7 best websites to score some great deals on your bookings.


This travel aggregator is similar to Kayak, a great option for international flight bookings showing the price trends for your flights in a super visual way, so you could save money shifting around your dates a bit. Another major distinction, in domestic searches is the inclusion of Southwest Flights which you don’t get to see at all the OTA sites. Furthermore, its price alerts tools help you to filter low-priced flights. Committed to showing you the lowest flight Momondo, assists you to save by combining tickets from different suppliers labelling it as Mix & Match. An advanced way of getting the cheapest flight through which you can book your outbound flight with one supplier & return flight with another.

1. Good price tracking tools
2. Broader flight options
1. With default pop-ups at sites, it can be a bit messy at times
2. The Mix & Match feature requires you to make 2 separate bookings


One thing that makes Priceline stand apart from others is the Express Deals, allowing travellers to save up to 50% off on their travel bookings, but the catch is that you don’t get to know the airline you are flying with or the time, until the booking is complete, and the Express deals are non-refundable. This is known as Opaque fare booking. Priceline is good at package deals too, so you can bundle your airline tickets with a hotel reservation or car rental for steeper discount on a single transaction. Although, it does have some limitations, but it’s easy to use with clear cancellation policies. Additionally, when low price is more important, this tool is your biggest bet to unearth huge savings.

1. ress Deals available if you have flexibility for dates
2. rice Match Guarantee


Another tried and tested OTA has plenty of tools to filter your search results. Although, the layout of the website is simple and basic but the offering a “flexible date” button helps you find cheaper flights and the options of quick scan makes it convenient to check the seat preference, carry on and checked baggage fees. Known for reliability, the breath of choice and consistency of pricing makes it the go-to destination for your travel deals. That’s not all, Expedia also offers a reward program where customers can earn points for bookings if you are a member of the program at the time of booking. Booking through Expedia’s sister sites like Orbitz, Travelocity also offer similar user experience with just a few cents or dollars difference helping every traveller not only find the perfect trip, but also the best value every time.

1. Boasts of Reward Points
2. Unique Scratch Tool to compare prices

1. Limited filter options
2. Booking through Expedia may limit your mileage towards Elite status


Enjoy travelling to any corner of the world as your journey with Agoda, begins where every customer is treated like a King. Agoda is worth checking out for over 200 + airlines flights as well as hotels worldwide. However, with limited filter options they don’t offer much when searching for budget flights. But to secure savings, Agoda’s loyalty program allows you to earn some points and the earned points can be put to use on your future reservations to save a significant amount.

1. Multilingual option
2. Good at Hotel bookings

1. Limited filtering options for flights


Kayak is a metasearch engine, so it is a great place to start that boasts of a high-end flexible fare tool that lets you search ten months out with its interactive price graph. This granddad of metasearch sites is a favourite among many loyal users for a reason in terms of functionality, with filters for specific airlines, baggage charges, nonstop flights and more. Moreover, Kayak’s price forecast tool uses historical data to regulate whether the price is likely to change within the next 7 days, and if you are watching a particular route, Kayak is the first one to alert you if the price drops.

1. Price trackers that help to choose the right flight for you
2. Single Window that gives you access the cheapest options
3. Kayak hacker fares is good for bundling tickets on different airlines

1. Might be less appealing for those who have a specific flight in mind


Another trustworthy OTA, providing budget-friendly flights to the United States of America or any other destination for domestic or international travel. Now, it has become even more convenient to find exclusive deals with the new Orbitz App accessible through Android device, iPad or iPhone. If you are a frequent traveller, don’t forget to check out the weekend flight deals and the best feature is that they offer a checkbox on their main booking page to specify “direct flights only”, saving you a step when filtering your options in later screens. Not to forget about the Orbitz Reward Option where you earn Orbucks when you book flights, hotels, car rentals via Orbitz.

1. 24 hours cancellation policy
2. Low price guarantee

1. Sometimes charge booking fee. So, remember to check on the booking fee before finalising your purchase.


Having being around for almost 20 years, major airlines use Hotwire to sell their seats at deep discounts. Hotwire makes it a breeze to help you book a low fare flight for you with no hidden charges, and while searching to find your match you might come across Hot rate flights in which the exact time, carriers and stoppages are hidden until you complete your booking, but sometimes if you are flexible regarding your itinerary, then you can bag great savings. Also, if you are travelling within the US or between US & Canada, then you are guaranteed to fly through Delta Air Lines, US Airways, United Airlines, Virgin America or their codeshare partners.

1. Bundle with Hotel can help you save more
2. Cancellation policy active 24 X 7

1. Hot Rate flights don’t always offer discounts
2. Sometimes charges booking fees

Aiming at building a strong long-term relationship with its customers from time to time, there is no one-stop-shop to find the lowest prices on a flight every time. The above list has some of the best sites to check out for if travel is on your cards, to spread your wings and browse for the cheapest flight tickets, domestic or international. If you prefer a more traditional booking, start out with a travel search engine to search all of the other sites, with the set of features that meets your criteria and helps you score the maximum savings on your next flight booking.


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