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Building Blocks For Kids | Lego Or Sluban| Which Is Better?


Finding an intelligent hack to save personal spaces from restive vexes from kids is a genuine challenge. Whether at home or inside a Montessori, the scenario is the same everywhere. But thanks to Lego for letting the may touch the ultimate Silverline and erase the mayhem just like magic. 

Since 1932, Lego has relentlessly been building a legacy in making jig-saw fit building block games that require genuine preoccupation and evocation. Henceforth, shaping a fascinating way to chisel acuity for both kids and adults. The fun fact is, evolving as a platform for kids’ toys and brain-flakey games, Lego has eventually been appreciated by a wide mass of adults as well. 

From its archive, today the craze for Lego is dissipated in over 40+ countries with a population of 25,000+ users. And from the catalog of games, the most popular ones are vibrant types of mosaic games and series of fantasy movie themes like those of Harry Potter, Marvel series, etc. However, when it comes to asserting similar retailers like Lego we’ve found Sluban as its best competitor across Spain and the globe. Henceforth, in this article, we’ve taken a comparative outlook of Lego and Sluban, highlighting the consequent features of both. Hence, if your are struggling to choose the right building blocks for kids, choose from them without being worried.  Therefore, let’s carry out a detailed reading. 

Lego  Or Sluban – Which Is The Building Block Developers For Kids? Know From Scratch

Now the question is which these stores are, addressed as the most significant competitors of Lego. These are Sluban, Mega Blocks, Two Wheels and many more. Each retailer puts up a glaring stock of games acing spectacular forte. For example, while Fortnite showcases an alluring collection of adventure games Sluban showcases an acing collection of kids’ exclusive building blocks Two Wheels specifies mainly vehicle-based constructional blocks. We’ve confined to Lego and Sluban only for this article. 


🏠Year of Establishment: 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen

🎮Types Of Games: Mosaic, building blocks, and toys

Driven by the venture of making world-class toys with intense involvement of the brain, Lego has truly inscribed a rival. Starting with legendary ‘Lego bricks’ the iconic toy house gradually expanded its forte. Thereby today besides all exclusive Lego series themes i.e. Lego® Art, Lego Avatar, Lego Education, Lego Icons, etc, other themes of incredible popularity are Marvel, Minecraft, Disney, Harry Potter, and so on. With this, it should also be remembered that games are designed in a series of corresponding themes. Such as Hogwarts, Gryffindor House banner of Harry Potter, etc. 

Besides, the immense versatility of themes games can also be purchased as per personal interest such as cars, buildings, arts and crafts, robots, real-life heroes, and many more. needless to underline that all games are planned by mosaic design. 

Features At A Glance

Games By Theme: Harry Potter, Architecture, City, Classic, Jurassic World, Minions, etc

Games By Personal Interest: Codings for kids, cars, animals, Trains, Ninjas, etc

Extent Of Age: infant to adults

Average Pricing & Sale: below 20 euro to above 200 euro

Lego Merchandise: available on books, backpacks, accessories, and more


🏠Year of Establishment: 2004, Hong Kong China

🎮Types of Games: Building blocks, mosaic games

As a paradise for formulating video games, China always aces all peripheries. And like many other world-leading video games Sluban is another excellent initiative by the country which pays sole emphasis on designing bricks blocks or mosaic games. Thus as an alternative to Lego, it is widely cherished. Putting its root in Hong Kong, Sluban has well-sprawled across Europe as well with an impressive gamers population in Spain.

In consideration of game themes, there are 17 themes available at present. These are space, town, police, car club, fire, food court, army, racing team, builder, and more. With relevancy to age, all games are suited for kids to teenagers. However, the hand-picked themes which witness utmost fame are Model Brick, police, Titanic, Girls Dream, Carclub, etc. Lastly, while aiming for a single purchase or multiple redemptions, giggling offers and paybacks are assured all the time.

Features At A Glance

  • Popular Game Bricks: Model Bricks, Police, Careclub, Fire, Town, etc
  • Best For kids only i.e., infants to toddlers
  • Pricing: The least price start onwards from 10 euro
  • Additional Features: Available via coupons, sign-up bonus, and more

Lego Vs Sluban: Find The Key Differences

As both Lego and Sluban have propelled immense glare in terms of popularity, trapping the basic difference between these may appear as baffling at some points. Although there is no prominent difference as well. Both are based on construction blocks and are saliently used for brain development to some extent. However, considering the base premise we’ve still delineated some distinguishable features between them. These are as follows.

Difference In Themes & Interests: Lego designs its inventory as per themes and personal interests. Most of the bricks’ themes are inspired by the animation world, comic characters, and fantasy figurines. Such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc. Similarly, the area of interest also pairs with the user’s affinity. Popular of these are agriculture, architecture, robotics, etc. While Sluban is the sole form of simple evocation. Henceforth, refrain from any kind of magical character’s replication. Popular categories of Sluban include Model Bricks, Bricks, Police, Army, etc.

Restrictions On Age: The pivotal feature that makes Lego transcendental is its feasibility of age. In simple terms, with kids and toddlers, Lego designs construction blocks for adults as well. Thus, from infant to adult Lego unlocks an easy-to-access gateway to all. While Sluban is mainly kids’ centric. All its games are best suited for children ranging from infant to toddler age.

Shopping Offers & Perks: Lego keeps unlocking bundles of jaw-dropping discounts all year around. In general, th least price of a Lego set starts from 20 euros only. And apart from this, with exclusive Lego promo and VIP perks shoppers’ pocket simply gets doubled up from time to time. While Sluban is not as feasible as Lego in terms of additional shopping perks although avails impressive deals worth a minimum of 20% to 30% for all the time.

What Does Make Lego Exceptional Than Sluban? Know Additional Causes

Now after electing a compressive idea about Lego and Sluban, there may be still some additional provisions to glimpse into the specificity of Lego and the reasons behind its uproarious fame. Considering this aspect a bit more details of causes have been comprised below. Figure these out. 

Magical Collection Of mosaic Games and Bricks: From toys to bricks, Lego outlines countless game themes of immense pleasure. Any game can be purchased in two ways; by selecting a theme or by showing personal interest. While popular theme games showcase a wide extent of niches incorporating reputed brick features, and evocative creative themes like those of Harry Potter and all, the list of games as per personal interest is simultaneously impressive too.

Feasibility Of Ages: Lego dismantles a very renowned doctrine; games are bricks— are only for kids, with impressive success. In fact, being contradictory to this belief all Lego games unbraid seamless pleasure to both kids and adults. However, since a lot of brain games are involved in each Lego set, a wide rack of complicated games is purposefully made for adults.

Impressive Offers, Deals & Membership Perks: Lego does not end its effort just by designing high-standard brain-friendly mosaic games. It puts equal attention on gamers’ pockets as well. Henceforth, it keeps on upwelling rip-roaring deals, promos, and sales all year around. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular alternatives websites to Lego across Spain?

Apart from Lego, there are 4 other gaming platforms that proved as most popular and trending in Spain for quite some time. These are Fortnite.com, answers.yahoo.com, sudoku–online.org, and pokemonshowdown.com.

How many people use Lego in Spain and worldwide?

As per the current report, a total of 4 billion people use Lego worldwide with a specific demography of 25000 in Spain. Surprisingly, the numbers of adults are also significantly impressive with children.

What are the most popular Lego themes?

After having in-depth research on gamers’ preferences for Lego themes, we’ve shortlisted the top 5 which have been put down below. Count what these are. 

i. Lego Star Wars

ii. Lego Ninjago sets

iii. Lego City

iv. Disney Princess Lego sets

v. Jurassic World Lego sets

Does Lego have any educational theme?

Yeah. Lego has devoted special attention to touting education especially, a better proliferation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Hence, pertinent themes are coding blocks, robotics, engineering, and more.

What are the most popular Lego sets for adults?

As any Lego game receives unanimous popularity among children and adults, the most popular Lego sets for adults which require maximum creative as well as evocative input are Lego Star Wars, Wakanda Forever, Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron, Lego Diagon Alley, etc.

What are the biggest Lego sets of all time?

The biggest Lego sets which consume significant amounts of time and prudent involvement are as follows

I. Lego World Map (11,695 pieces)

ii. Lego Eiffel Tower (10,001 pieces)

iii. Lego Titanic sets (9,090 pieces)

iv. Lego Collosiam sets (9,036 sets)

v. Lego UCS Millenneium Falcon (7,541 sets)


In the world of games with maximum creative interplay, Lego has plucked a real bastion. Hence, be it in Spain or Germany or across the whole of Europe or the World, the immense proclivity of Lego in shaping acuity simultaneously with effective involvement always shows upward growth. Therefore, investing some quality time in playing Lego always unveils a worthy feeling. Happy playing.


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