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Top 12 Food Festivals In The USA You Must Attend| 2023 Update: Compareiton


Nothing can bring people together and let them stand or seat in one place like a group dine-in. Be it a family dinner or food festival— away from home, the event of social ‘eating’ is embraced more like a gregarious cultural mixing, and soulful interaction than only just eating. That’s why food festivals in the USA are treated as a serious expression of socializing and understanding the world beyond communities. 

It’s been observed that people across all 50 states spend thousands of dollars every year just by dining out. These include numerous pan-country food festivals as well. People show serious affection in attending tantalising food festivals of multiple kinds, wine, steak, pastry, and even vegetables. So, as 2023 has been headed in, you must in be on a quest in attending all those biggest food events, you’re yet to appear. Henceforth, we’ve prepared a list of the top 12 food festivals in the USA to pin on your wishlist for this year. Trust me, along with savouring your wanderlust of roaming pan-country from California to New York would be brimmed with sheer satisfaction and memories. 

Top 12 Food Festivals In The USA For 2023

The biggest food festivals in the USA count numerous types. That means these can be distinguished either by food platters, preparations, and toppings i.e. steak, BBQ, etc or state of origin. However, we’ve enlisted the name of the top 12 food festivals as per state. Let’s quickly read them.

Taste Of Vail| Colorado| 2023 Calendar: April

What extra would you need while onboard for a random tour towards the countryside highlands? A good mouthful smokey food platter and a jug of old wine, right? So, lucky you are. Exactly, these are going to be your welcoming retreat if you join the best food festival in Colorado coming this April. Entitled with a fancy name ‘Taste Of Vail’ is indeed a paradise for foodies who love to socialize too much. 

From exceptionally rich wine to tantalizing steaks, and countryside cheesy delights you have innumerable options to feed your stomach and relish like a connoisseur. More than 80 restaurants across the state participate in the event with their master recipes. Additionally, idyllic alpine scenery along with passes for thrilling snow sports are a plus.

Things To Consider…

1. Official website: https://tasteofvail.com/ 

2. 2023 calendar: April 05 to April 08, 2023

3. Venue and duration: Across the town and occur for 3 days

4. Prerequisites: Complete signature pass with the inclusion of the food fest for 4 is $475

The Great American Foodie Fest| Las Vegas| 2023 Calendar: April

Las Vegas is not a heaven for embracing adulthood but also a heaven for relishing tastebuds heavenly. So, if you ask one reason to visit Las vegas I will enlist hundreds at once. The proximity of the best restaurants and organizing enthralling food fests mark on top of everything. The Great American Foodie fest is one of the most popular as well as unique food festivals in the city. Here groups of super-crafted chefs, sue chefs across various corners of the country participate to show their culinary skills. So, honestly, you barely have any time to waste are there are versatile options to devour and relish. From bulky burgers to overloaded pizzas you will experience a gamut of flavours from both a known and inexperienced world. That’s why it is the largest food festival on the west coast.

Besides delicious foods, lots of amusing events such as eating contests, taste picks from local food trucks, a trip to beer and cocktail gardens, and plenty of carnival games will provoke your mind to stick up with the event wholeheartedly.

Things To Consider…

1. Official website: https://www.greatamericanfoodiefest.com/ 

2. 2023 calendar: April 14 to April 16, 2023

3. Venue and duration: Craig Ranch Park, Las Vegas and occur for 2 days

4. Prerequisites: Buy tickets early here

Cheese Curd Festival| Wisconsin| 2023 Calendar: June

There is no better way when the day of the feast turns into a delightful cheesy day. And to turn it true Cheese Curd Festival repeats every June to bust tastebuds with layers of creamy and delicious cheese. For, what can be an alternative than munching a bucket of deep-fried cheesy crackling sticks to ditch your summer blues? Based in Wisconsin, Cheese Curd Festival thus engraves its name under the top 12 food festivals in the country for its vibrant aura and diversity. 

Apart from 20+ unique platters of deep-fried cheese curds, there will be numerous other options to try 30+ crafts of local beers, wines, and hard ciders. Moreover, complementary dishes and free tasting of wine and beer would just be abundant. Therefore, with good music, rich drink, and newly-made friends your participation at Cheese Curd Festival would be full of colours and enjoyment.

Things To Consider…

1. Official website: https://www.cheesecurdfestival.com/ 

2. 2023 calendar: June 24 to June 23, 2023

3. Venue and duration: Ellsworth, WI. Occur for 2 days

4. Prerequisites: Will be updated on time

New Orleans Food And Wine Experience| New Orelans| 2023 Calendar: June

Good food, rich wine, and a fantastic rendition of Jazz– just impeccable to make your day. Thus like other years, New Orleans Food And Wine Experience (NOFWE) is a much-anticipated food fest of the year that is supposed to happen in the coming June. So, all wine aficionados just hold your breath for a few months only. NOFWE is just to land in the city and kick your blues right in a second. 

Happening for the last 31 years, NOFWE is about to knot more than 27 best restaurants across New Orleans once again and replicate more than 7000 chefs’ handpicked best food dishes and 1000 variants of good old wines. So, any extra information you still require? Come on, book the tickets beforehand and just bang on! Once it lands. Ohh… one more thing, there will be several funny events side by side like eating contests and free sample tasting of wine too!

Things To Consider…

1. Official website: https://www.nowfe.com/ 

2. 2023 calendar: June 07 to June 11, 2023

3. Venue and duration: Across the town

4. Prerequisites: Will be updated 1-week prior to the event

Taste Of Chicago| Chicago| 2023 Calendar: July

Over the last 40 years, Taste Of Chicago has been addressed as one of the most famous biggest food festivals in the world. Especially, it’s dam hot and popular among global tourists. Report as per Chicago govt. , more than 1.5 million global tourists crowd the place just to attend the food carnival. 

Hosting a long chain of pop-up restaurants across three immediate neighbourhoods, Austin, Little Village, and Pullman, Taste of Chicago is indeed a vast food fair with flair restaurants, and food choices with amid vibrancies picked from every corner of the country and the world. Especially, for flavourful varieties of deep cheese pizzas, hot dogs, and cheesecakes— you won’t honestly regret dieting by overeating! There would be additional attractions as well such as music concerts, dance performances, etc.

Things To Consider…

1. Official website: https://www.chicago.gov/city/en/depts/dca/supp_info/taste_of_chicago.html 

2. 2023 calendar: To be announced

3. Venue and duration: Grant Park, Chicago

4. Prerequisites: Free entry

4th Of July Barbeque Festival| All Around The Nation| 2023 Calendar: July

The day of Independence is always special and thus can’t be mixed with any other kind. Hence, to honour the day of Independence with gratitude and patriotic respect, the 4th of July barbeque festival bears a long history of around the last 71 years. It is celebrated by the whole country in various forms. Such 4th of July Barbeque Festival in Kansas, and the 4th of July BBQ festival at the Birmingham suburb hosted by Lady Of Sorrows Catholic Church. BBQs with a wide option of meat, and steaks are truly good options for Americans to reckon the day of freedom with earnest respect.

Picklesburg Festival| Pennsylvania| 2023 Calendar: July

Not everyone is fond of tangy, piquant flavours. But if you are one of those populations that frequently strive for unknown, especially soury-tangy flavours to get goosebumps, the Picklesburg festival of Pittsburgh is the ideal place for you to head in. 

Voted as the no.1 best speciality food festival in America in 2022, Picklesburg festivals showcases millions of pickles of diverse flavours; tangy, sweet, sour, firing, spicy, or mixed that win the foodies’ soul in a wink. Besides, arrays of pickles, the carnival also offer a huge chef-recommended menu, stuffed with the best food and complementary picks. Other popular choices include sandwiches, hotdogs, and extra-loaded spicy hamburgers. 

Things To Consider…

1. Official website: https://www.picklesburgh.com/ 

2. 2023 calendar: To be announced

3. Venue and duration: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

4. Prerequisites: Would be announced on time

Maine Lobster Festival| Maine| 2023 Calendar: August

The idea of a perfect food festival remains half-done if proves inept to add flavours of every single kind picked from all alcoves of the country. So, in this case, you can’t just simply overlook with Maine Lobster festival that turn into a tradition of the people of the realm for the last 10 years.

Not just soft, fresh, sweet lobsters, Maine Lobster Festival is decked up with plenty of other seafood options namely vibrant species of crabs. And all these together perfectly give you a sumptuous savoury. Besides, foods you can also partake in several other events such as seafood cooking contests, attend fun activities, and more. So, don’t hesitate to turn mid-year fatigue into lively sparks by attending this beautiful seafood food festival.

Things To Consider…

1. Official website: https://mainelobsterfestival.com/

2. 2023 calendar: August 02 to August 03, 2023

3. Venue and duration: 30 Broadway, Maine

4. Prerequisites: Would be announced later

 The National Buffalo Wing Festival| New York| 2023 Calendar: September

For fries lovers, who go completely frantic for chicken fries, and wings The National Buffalo Wing Festival of New York is the best idea to hop in. Plus, to devote extra gratitude on Labor Day, the carnival can truly bar your mouth tasting and munching. With a wide option of jumbo chicken wings, The Buffalo Wings bolsters your savoury selling cheap tickets that are perfectly under budget. So, when you are searching for the best eatery in the city during the month, don’t mind stepping ahead with the fest. Both your bill and belly would have cared with no effort.

Things To Consider…

1. Official website: https://buffalowing.com/

2. 2023 calendar: September 02 to September 03, 2023, Labor Day weekend

3. Venue and duration: Buffalo, New York

4. Prerequisites: $20 a day/ person general admission fee, children under 8 FREE

 Choctoberfest| Pennsylvania| 2023 Calendar: October

When the holiday season looms just around the corner, it would be completely unfair if you don’t turn your appetite into a teeth-sweetening munching. Especially, who dares to ignore chocolates? So, the Choctoberfest is a whole course fest of chocolate and stepping back in the days of childhood when the world was full of colours, candies, and illuminating dreams.

Stated in Pennsylvania, Choctoberfest does also speak about its history and age-old histories invisibly scripted on the wall of chocolate factories, aesthetics of flavours, lore and lures that have been bequeathed from generation to generation in this old state. so, you can rank the festival higher as the best food festival for sweets and chocolate in America.

Things To Consider…

1. Official website: https://www.downtownhershey.com/events/choctoberfest 

2. 2023 calendar: October middle, 2023, detail is yet to declare

3. Venue and duration: Chocolate Town Square Park, Coca Avenue Downton Hershey, Pennsylvania

4. Prerequisites: Free

 Eat Drink SF| San Francisco| 2023 Calendar: October

The Golden City which is also known as the city for foodies never keeps awestruck visitors with varieties and flavours. Thus, from toddlers to adults, everyone gets ample options to lick, smack, and eat with the dish they lean for than take a satisfactory burp afterwards.

Over the last 10 years, more than 200 top restaurants and wineries participate in this Eat Drink SF festival and prepare their hot-list dishes for the foodie. With this, free demos from A+ class chefs are also a plus if you’re lucky enough. Now, plan how you are going welcome the holiday season.

Things To Consider…

1. Official website: https://eatdrink-sf.com/ 

2. 2023 calendar: October 21 to 30 2023, detail is yet to declare

3. Venue and duration: To be updated

4. Prerequisites: Would be announced soon

 Epcot International Festival Of The Holidays| Walt Disney Resort| 2023 Calendar: Thanksgiving Day

What is your ideal Holiday season quest? Sumptuous dinners, good cookies, and delicious desserts, right? So, the Epcot International Festival Of The Holidays feeds your mind exactly whatever you want. Baking outstanding cookie trays with perfectly baked Thanksgiving turkeys, you can make a really good start to your holiday and Christmas celebration further by attending this brilliant fest.

The class and quality of the festival are true of the next level. And apart from satiable dishes, there are also soulful music concerts and rich wine to melt your soul and mouth together.

Things To Consider…

1. Official website: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/epcot/holiday-festival/ 

2. 2023 calendar: Holiday season on Thanksgiving day, detail is yet to declare

3. Venue and duration: Walt Disney Resort, Florida

4. Prerequisites: Attendees below 18 must bring consent from their guardian

This was a gist of the top 12 food festivals in the USA. There are plenty more as well. In fact, there are countless names located all over the country. You can hang on to any of these or multiple events. The choice is completely yours. Enjoy and live a good life. And don’t be indifferent to your tastebuds. Pamper them whenever there is a chance. Good food means lights up a good mood. So, walk ahead in life recalling this advice all the time.


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