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Top 5 VFX Movies To Win 2023 Oscar– Predictions| Compareiton


2023 has just stepped in. Right with its beginning clouds of whispers is on the air regarding nominations of most candid films, as the day of the 96th Academy Awards is in the vicinity. Therefore, it’s time to roster the movies holding the highest possibility to win the 2023 Oscar. Being a colossal event, the Oscar award ceremony has numerous segments as per movie genres, plots, screenplay, cinematography, VFX, SFX, and so on. However, in this article, we’ve majorly confined to 5 VFX bake-offs that have scored brilliantly both at the box office and in the audience’s heart. Therefore good to go for the 2023 Oscar nominations and bag multiple awards.

We all know that every movie stands on 3 neat visceral aspects; story, SFX, and VFX or visual effects. So, a cinema with zero or poor side effects can’t yield remarkability in the race of winning the academy award. Therefore, we’ve predicted these 5 front-runners which have already poised impressive voting bases, eclected from various sources and thereby absolutely ready to fight this classic award-winning championship.

Best 5 VFX Nominees For 2023 Oscar

From the roster of movies racing to champion the 93rd Academy Rewards programme, we’ve picked top 5 Front-Runner movies**. These are Avatar: The Way of Water, Top Gun: Maverick, Doctor Strange In The Era of Multiverse, Blackpnather: Wakanda Forever, and Fantastic Beast: The Secrets of Dumbledore. After having a detailed enclosure on various premises namely research, performance, direction, and quality of graphics we’ve addressed these 5 VFX movies as front-runners.

Avatar: The Way Of Water

Director: James Cameroon

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

James Cameroon has engraved one more milestone in the world of cinema with Avataar 2 or the newly released; Avataar: The Way Of Water. Released first on 2009, the first episode of Avatar already hauled imminent popularity through an engulfing blending of VFX and the storyline. This time, the idea of VFX execution excels exponentially beyond imagination. Therefore, this pioneering film director has just chiselled next-level magic on Avatar 2 which has never occurred before.


After receiving back-to-back threats of human invasion, Jake Sully and his family has to find an alternative home to their present residence on the extrasolar moon; Pandora. Working together with his wife Neytiri and the army of the Na’vi race (a similar clan to Jake’s species), Jake fought against the human invasion of RDA and eventually grew a congenital bonding with the aquatic species of the surrounding sea of Pandora.

Reason To Win

The pith abstract of Avatar 2 is underwater shooting. The technology has been used in the film is completely unprecedented, henceforth, has created a work of magnum opus! The director and the whole tech crew focus on a profound detailing of light-angle mathematics and expressional changes duly shooting above and beneath the water. According to the VFX crew, the underwater environment completely varies from the above. Thus serious vigilance was given to fluctuations of pressure, impacts of underwater currents, and vice-versa. Another area of importance was the focus on facial expressions and making polygons delineating even the subtle ones followed by impeccable craftsmanship in taking digital closeups.

2. Top Gun: Maverick

Director: Joseph Kosinski

IMDB Rating: 8.4/10

Tom Cruise is back with his aura and ready to break the theatre with his classic mood of power-packed actions. So, it’s normal that people just go mad right after the latest series of Top Gun is released. But wait, this time apart from powered actions and SFXs you can expect something more from the film. And all these intricate flabbergasting VFX and their transcendental qualities. 


After 30 years at his service Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell is still adorned as the top naval aviator and in full form in his career. Being enveloped as the most courageous pilot with numerous successful projects, the highest official rank dodges around him at this stage of his career. Duly training a group of graduates for a very special ‘tricky and risky’ assignment ‘Maverick’ confronts the deepest fear of his career that intricated an aviation mission which demands the ultimate sacrifice of those who choose to onboard it.

Reason To Win

Breath-catching stunt scenes, speed, and fast-rolling of cameras to pace up with high-speed military jet planes, along with advanced digital VFX are the main reason behind the curtain to score 10/10. Besides, there are real scenes that show real flying operated by the actor instead of a dummy scene. So, these cumulatively enhance the integrity of the movie and overwhelm the audience.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

Director: Sam Raimi

IMDB Rating: 6.9/10

Once again the Marvel studio proves itself as marvellous especially in making VFX and sci-fi movies. The latest sequel of Doctor Strange part 2 by the name of Doctor Strange in The Multiverse Of Madness appears as a protagonist to this verdict and takes it to the next level. Knotting lots of eccentric characters and a sci-fi plot together with a background of astonishing digital close-ups and make-ups, Doctor Strange really deserves as one of the 2023 VFX bake-offs for this year.


Teaming up with a mysterious superpowered girl who can travel multiverse at any moment, Doctor Strange fights and combats vibrant multiple threats from vibrant universal dimensions. To keep the multiverse dimensions out of any further danger they seek help from Wanda; the secret witch, Wong, and others.

Reason To Win

The entire film is the epitome of classic VFX movies. It consists of a total of 156 heavy VFX shots, majorly of which have been shot in the London studio. Besides high-precision close-ups, fascinating simulations and controls on lighting wavelengths to produce perfect visual notes shove the movie as a showstopper for this year.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Director: Ryan Coogler

IMDB Rating: 7.2/10

When a beautiful story is imbibed with the bliss of high-tech VFX implementation, the outshot would genuinely propel magic both to the eyes and brain. Exactly this is what has been witnessed in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The entire movie spectacularly projects the ignited effort of the Wakandians against brutal invasions from neighbouring enemies.


After the death of king T’Challa, queen Ramonda and the people of Wakanda protect their homeland against fierce warriors of Talokanail. The fight between the two groups turns into a brutal fight most of which largely commenced on the ocean. Finally, the people managed to save their kingdom by forging a new path.  

Reason To Win

The pivotal attraction of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is involved with lots of rip-roaring fighting scenes which occurred over the seas. Then the swift screenplay and digidoubles action control scenes followed by the brilliant presence of CGI animes and digital makeup.

Fantastic Beast: The Secrets Of Dumbledore

Director: David Yates

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

A true fan of J.K Rowling or folks who go obsessed with Harry Potter and are ready to live in the world of magic and fantasy for their lifetime. So, the new chapter of Fantastic Beasts i.e. Fantastic Beast: The Secrets Of Dumbledore is a real bliss to them. A world with magic, full of wizard creatures and super engulfing depictions keeps the viewers engaged throughout the runtime of the film. Hence, the movie easily falls on the list of 2023 best-nominated VFX movies.


Professor Albus Dumbledore understood that the tenebrous wizard Gellert Grindelwald escaling his dark power at a rapid pace that is to hard too control with a single hand. Being inept to fight back against this growing dark power, he confers with great Magizoologist Newt Scamander to carry out an intrepid mission with a team of brave wizards, witches along with a very brave-heart muggle baker. And eventually snatch out a cherishable conquest after a spine-chilling, adventurous battle.

Reason To Win

There is nothing new to say about the quality of VFX used in the series of Harry Potter and lastly released Fantastic Beasts. So, this time the quality would be more chiselled and unveil an awestruck feeling that is easy to decipher. Despite the whole course of the movie, there are some stunning scenes of came rolling (especially, the mischievous suitcase-carrying scenes by Dumbledor’s team in the labyrinth to fool Gillbert’s assistants) that are truly compelling and deserve to receive a thousand applauses. 

**What Are Front-Runners Movies?

Front-runner movies are those which encapsulate the maximum probability of winning the Academy award, in singular or plural numbers. 

This was a pith of all the 5 movies that can win the 2023 battle of Oscar and bag multiple rewards as best VFX bake-offs. There are plenty of other names apart from these. You can find and shortlist them at your stake. Keep watching good movies. Enjoy. 


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