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Finally, the gusting polar wind has retreated, and summer has bloomed throughout the country. So, it’s time to be drawn with the flow of care-free fashion once again. But how? If this is what is poking your mind, then calm down and relax. Because the savior stands just next by your side. It’s Jeanswest, the impeccable and age-old house of fuss-free, smart fashionistas. And for this summer as well, it has thoroughly upwelled its galore with a fresh, vivacious, and nimble-witted collection. Out of all, the most striking part is that each of its closets is well and equally embellished for men, women, and would-be mothers! So, folks! While in a pursuit to reboot your summer closet, take a traverse over the renowned fashion store. 

Jeanswest| Summer exclusive for men

The summer launch for men from Jeanswest is indeed vivid and of a vibrant genre. From funky t-shirts to relaxed shorts to the latest jeans collection, each and every segment is stuffed with countless types and is perfect for both bespoken flaunt endeavors and casual ones. Some of the suggested latest trends which are perfect for grabs have been displayed below. Take a glance at these. 

A. Latest collection of jeans

No other bottom wear is as apt as jeans when it comes to blending style with comfort. Jeanswest haughtily bears the adornment since the time of establishment. The marshal of its jeans section for both men and women are huge and with splendid cuts and designs. However, the cascades of mens; jeans are imparted into two main categories; as per fitting and collection. The details have been revealed below.

Trending jeans as per fitting and shape

1. Skin fit jeans 

This one truly means flaunting all around with your shape and bottom stature. With a firm fitting around the hip and thigh, the lowermost section of this bottom generally showcases a better fit than tapered pants with a narrowed bottom end. 

Men’s skinfit| Top Picks

Skinny mid-blue jeans| $79.99Skinny jeans black encore| $79.99

2. Relaxed Slim-straight fitting

The slim fit jeans are a flawless epitome of showing off in the most relaxed way. Starting from a slim, gentle fit around the thigh and hip, it stretches across the lower knees with a flared and baggy fit. It is generally designed in mid to low waist cut. 

Slim straight cut blue-back jeans| $79.99Slim fit dark indigo| $79.99
Slim straight true vintage| $79.99Slim fit mineral blue| $79.99

3.Slim tapered fit

This cut adopts a contemporary infusion. That is, in the upper segments it reveals a body-hugging slim fit, with the gradual downward cut the tapered fitting is being observed.

Tobacco slim tapered fit| $79.99Dark olive slim tapered| $79.99
Slim tapered charcoal| $79.99Slim tapered modern blue| $79.99

4. Straight fit jeans

Straight fitting jeans are much like a slim straight cut. One difference that makes it distinct is that it provides baggy fitting all throughout. 

Men’s jeans according to collection

Under this variety the entire denim is being imparted into 3 types; Denim Flex–that preoccupies with flexibility, Knit jeans–which come available within the slim fit and straight fit, and Long Length jeans. In one word, the section displayed a compiled array of all kinds of shape-fit jeans. 

B. Trending jackets

Be it in casual weather and temperate climate, a jacket suits all weather conditions at any point in time. Hence, even if you cart a piece for a future purchase, a swift rolling on over the Jeanswest section of the jacket will be a wise decision.

Top picks of jackets

Orson utility jacket| $119.99Monochrome hooded jacket| $99.99Maxon shirt jacket| $99.99

C. Trending summer shorts

Summer without shorts, unimaginable right? And at Jeanswest you will come across a plunge of shorts with innumerable varieties; denim shorts, chinos, cargoes. and so on. All these are not only a great fit but shove up your smartness after donning. 

Top recommendations for shorts

Hayden textured chinos| $59.99Archie cargo short| $69.99
Milton 5-pocket shorts| $69.99Connor denim shorts | $69.99

Jeanswest summer exclusive for women| trending collection

The world of fashion is most hued and vibrant for the women, everyone does agree with that. Following the tenet, Jeaswest as well behaves generously in embellishing every single closet for women. Be it for jeans or summer-favored dresses, any collection truly bears the potential in crafting a distinct silhouette.

A. Trendsetting jeans collection

Be bold in flaunting your shape and curve! An hourglass, pear, or an oval, whichever your body shape is, you’ll witness an overwhelming deck of jeans with an immersive collection inside the store which is further imparted into 3 types. Which are as follows. 

1. Jeans as by fitness

When it comes to veining with your shape and even the minute body curve, no one can replace body-fitting jeans. The stunning fact is, that the marshal of shape-fit jeans at Jeanswest is opulent with numerous new and bizarre cuts that have been tailored as per what women need. For instance, with a desire of showing off the back and hipbone, the hip hugger and butt lifter jeans will help. Similarly, the tummylifter jeans are for those who are in demand for suppressing belly fat. Among the other popular shape-fit jeans, enticing ones are regular fit, maternity jeans, and so on. 

Jeanswest women shape-fit jeans| Top recommendations

But lifter jeans| $79.99Wide leg tummy trimmer jeans| $79.99
Bootcut jeans| $79.99Hip hugger skinny fit jeans| $79.99

2. Jeans as per style

This one generally paces up with the latest trends wafting over the fashion market and world. Prominent subtypes of the jeans under the section are imparted into bootcut, baggy style, joggers, boyfriend style, and so on. In the following, the top trending among these has clubbed up.

Jeans by style| Top picks

High waist slim fit jeans| $99.99Boyfriend & mom jeans| $99.99
Luxe jogger jeans| $89.99High waist bootcut jeans| $99.99

3. Jeans as per collection

This particular closet is an amalgamated version of all jeans available as per style and fit. Despite the compilation, the closet also puts an emphasis on coziness, in-built materials, and stretchability. Hence, eventually ramified into some sort of types like eco soft, feather touch, Luxe Lounge, and summer lengths.

B. Chic and airy dresses

Summer frames a paradise time to bust with colors and carry out utmost experimentation. Hence, being overboard on feathery and super chic summer dresses is just impossible in case your taste of summer flaunt relies more on lightweight and decent apparel. The summer exclusive dresses showcase some remarkable printed and midi dresses which are captive to mirroring your inner bliss to the outside world. 

Top Summer dresses

Chole dress| $69.99Scart midi dress| $89.99
Bella dress| $69.99Lara ladder trim dress| $69.99

Variegated summer skirts

Likewise the season friendly dresses, the row summer skirts are the immediate ones to blow your mind with sheer variations. Whether a hemline, long-length, or mini skirt, you will walk across a marvelous collection of summer skirts that adheres a completely new strategy to your summer vogue closet.

Summer skirts| Top Picks

Imogen split skirt| $69.99Effie midi skirt| $69.99
Luxe Longe knee-length skirt| $69.99Midi skirt| $69.99

Jeanswest Summer exclusive| maternity wear

The most serene phase of women’s life grows and proliferates after entering to the motherhood. However, Jeanswest adorns the prolonged course of pregnancy with some candid collections that toast the sweet moment with utmost grace.

Maternity clothing collection

Showing off the baby bump is the ever-sweetest way of flaunting. Hence, be candor to introducing the sweet one inside the tummy with a charming welcoming note accompanied by Jeanswest that reveals your cute baby bump in the most adorable way.

Top maternity wear picks

Amy maternity top| $59.99Drawstring maternity top| $59.99
Talia peplum hem top| $49.99Maternity skirt| $69.99

B. Maternity jeans

The maternity jeans are not just knitted with heavyweight jeans, rather these are made with a mix and stretchable fabric that will release enough comfort duly donning.

Popular recommendations of maternity jeans

Maternity slim fit jeans| $99.99Skin-fit bright vintage| $79.99
Skin-fit black jeans| $79.99Classic skinny fit jeans| $59.99

Hence, this was a comprehensive list of latest launches, decked by Jeanswest. Do try any of these and adhere a completely new makeover to your closet with fresh and stunning collections. Enjoy and bloom this summer with bright fashion wear. 


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