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International online bookstore

Reading is one activity that helps you escape reality as you immerse yourself in a different world. With all the new releases at the stores, savvy readers know where to get hold of a new book to satiate the bookworm in you. Cheers to the books we probably mean to read all these years, Book depository is your favorite eCommerce site from where we can buy books online without wasting time on traveling to a book store.

Freedom from worrying about the exorbitant shipping charges, you’ll get your items shipped for free. Start adding your must-haves in the Book depository wish list as the store is home to around 20 million titles in English and International languages. The joy of reading from fiction and non-fiction to children’s books, Autobiographies, Art, Crime and Thrillers, and not to forget the old-time classics, the store has it all to inspire our imagination to make us think and feel deeply.

Unleash the Booklover in you with some Bestsellers

  • The Happiness Project

Woven together with constant doses of humor, this self-help book takes readers through a year in the life of author Gretchen Rubin searching for satisfaction. A rare book that makes you smile and think on the same page. Series of books hitting the shelves, include lessons about happiness, as happiness is contagious, and so is the happiness project. On the stands at book depository at a savings of US$ 1.60 over the regular price of $17.99.

  • The Thursday Murder Club

Crime and fiction fans are going to be enthralled with this rare combination of gripping murder mystery, wisdom, intrigue and humor, a worth read with great characters. One of the most enjoyable books of the year by author Richard Osman. Get one today as it is up for grabs at a discount of 5% over the original price of $12.18. Check out for more options by this author as the third book in the Thursday Murder club series is here to cause even more trouble in 2022.

Unlock the exciting New Releases in all Categories

If the Book bug has bitten you really hard, lovers are in for a treat with some exciting new releases that have caught the attention of the readers, young and old. The treasure trove of knowledge is at its peak every month with exciting new releases from your favourite authors, so log on to your online bookstore to find out your next read, and get it delivered wherever you want.

  • Children’s Fiction- The Little prince

A beautiful classic enchanting fable with full-color illustrations captures the hearts of readers. Although, the reading age mentioned on the book is from 7 to 12 years, but the new edition in hardback is one of the greatest books ever written and absolutely thought-provoking for adults as well. Written in the English language, the book is a definite essential addition in any Antoine de Saint-Exupéry fan’s library.

  • Crime & Thriller – The Midnight Lock

Don’t start reading this too late in the evening because sleep would be an annoying interruption once you start this page-turner. Yet again The Midnight Plot is another rocking read loaded with thrills and twists, to boggle your mind. An enlightening novel of mystery, intrigue, and suspense, this is a definite must-read. Grab your share before it vanishes from Book depository with the hardback at $31.92.

Watch out for new arrivals coming in the first 3 months of 2022

Keep up to date and pre-order your most awaited books from your favorite author coming soon on the shelves in all categories. Browse for Kids, in the Fiction and activity books segment to keep your little ones busy all day long. Our top picks include:

  • First Magic Painting Farm

A perfect activity for toddlers this set is packed with play value to keep your bundle of joy engaged. Reveal hidden artwork as your little one strokes the magic brush with water during quiet time at home or while traveling. Other books in the series at a glance include:

  • First magic painting Christmas
  • First magic painting under the sea
  • First magic painting zoo & more.
  • Food & Drink Pre-orders

If you are into food, or just tip-toeing into the cooking world, it’s always good to have a few cookbooks in hand to learn the amazing cooking skills. Keep your belly guessing with this amazing Carnivore Code cookbook with over 100 recipes featuring satisfying mains like Grilled Mediterranean Lamb chops, Pizzas and even desserts like Yogurt Cheesecake. A definite buy to please every palate, the book is written in English by Paul Saladino.

Books by Language

Reading books in different languages is a joy and Book depository has an extensive foreign language book section with over a dozen language books from Spanish, Chinese, Arabic to French Italian, German to name a few. From crime thrillers to romance, non-fiction to fantasy you can find books in Polish, Portuguese and Finnish as well.

Children’s Books by age range

Reading habit is one of the best quality anyone can possess, and inculcating that habit from childhood is a great way to stretch the brain muscles for healthy functioning. At book Depository you can browse through the assortment of books categorised as per the age groups of children. Starting from 0-2 Yrs their books are filled with colourful illustrations that help the young minds to grow their power of imagination.

3-5 Yrs Age Group

At this age children are more attracted towards animations and cartoons, books on celebrations, story tales and moral story books. Take your share from a plethora of options which can be pre-ordered as well.

6-8 yrs

One can never run out of options while buying books for the older kids. With all the leading authors from across the globe like Charles Dickens or Mark Twain you can buy the latest releases as you help them get a good command over the English language.

Apart from the books, this International online bookstore also has a wide assortment of stationery, art and craft supplies that come in handy for the school going kids. That’s not all. There’s no better time to start as you broaden your horizon by refining your crafting skills when you shop at book Depository by browsing through the selection of hobby books. So, take your pick and secure countless editions in your shopping cart which you have always wanted to read soon after its official release.


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