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Datacamp Vs Coursera: Which Is The Best Platform For Upskilling Professional Skills?


The key to success is immersed in the process of knowledge upskilling. Thus more transcendent your acumen is more numbers of accolades would be granted as rewards for your meritoriousness. The rule is universally acceptable to all arenas of life; professional, academic, personal, and so on. 

However, in today’s fast-paced world, we all want to do our best and stand on the top! Hence, it leads to tough competition especially, in the professional sphere. As a definite consequence acing each alcove of professional excellence is the one we all strive for. But being acclaimed with heights of professional goals is not as easy as it sounds. Numerous factors are adhesive with the endeavour where upskilling knowledge and expertise seat at the core. In brief, to stand at peak of professional success you have to adopt a constant and effortless approach to knowledge enhancement. 

Here rises another problem. Spotting as well as distinguishing a platform to escalate professional excellence frequently appears as confounding since there are ample analogous ones in the market. And most of these platforms are well-designed with content and enriched success rate. However, we’ve picked an initiative for your help with better guidance. We’ve enlisted two globally accepted online learning platforms; Datacamp and Coursera carried out a comparative analysis and pin-pointing their fortes and exclusives. So, spare some minutes and envision yourself with the platform you should proceed with to chisel your professional goals.

Datacamp Vs Corsera: Know The Basics & What These Are Special For

In today’s space of high-paced digital learning, Datacamp and Coursera are the two regular, have been applauded with soaring popularity. Although the background of Coursera is a bit more reputed than Datacamp, still Datacamp has proven immense efficacy within a shorter period of time. 

However, the main triggering reason that brings Datacamp in the middle of learners’ attention is for providing excellent teaching encompassing all possible niches of Data Science courses whereas Coursera solely floats on a broader spectrum with unfathomable ranges of courses and categories. The pith of these has been revealed in a nutshell below. 


Founded as a paramount educational platform for understanding data science with better approaches and supporting learning to enhance analytical skills, Datacamp caters to a radar of subjects classified into two major categories; programming languages and various niches of data science namely data analysis, data engineering, data visualization, followed by relevant courses as per contemporary professional world such as machine learning, AI learning, and so on. 

While in the library of programming learning a bandwidth of newly debugged languages such as R, Ruby, etc are inserted with the popular courses including SQL, Python, JAVA, Power BI, etc the catalogue exclusively for data science is also overwhelmingly refreshed with all possible kinds of subjects. Further to this, the programs under data science replicate a fine classification and make separate niches with data analysis, data manipulation, data engineering, importing and cleaning data, and so on. In brief, Datacamp appears like a complete classroom to the learners, covering all possible spectrums of both data and coding. Hence, it spells out an engaging appeal to both students and professional learners. Apart from individual learners, the courses can be accessed for business purposes also. Lastly, Datacamp segregates its course bundle into beginner, intermediate, and advanced formats as per learners’ potencies. 

From its personal archive, the number of registered learners to date is 11 million, spreaded over 180+ countries and taught by 3000+ expert academics and 2500+ global leading companies like Google, Microsoft, etc.


Coursera was brought to light back in 2012. It was one of the greatest ventures of MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses). In another way, the initiation of online learning was pioneered by Coursera. Henceforth, Coursera has been able to establish itself as a glamorous brand for digital learning in the contemporary world. With a library of 7000+ courses of multidimensional genres, Coursera has a registered student population of more than 113 million from every corner of the globe. In terms of teaching and academic collaboration, it is tied up with 7000+ campuses including 275 ivy universities like Yale, Harvard, Imperial College of London, etc and eminent business leaders like Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. 

The one central imperative that puts forth Coursera into special appreciation is its course offering structure which is divided into four hierarchies; full-course authentic degrees, spl. Professional learning programs, certification courses, and graduate projects. After completion of a registered course, Coursera offers a 100% genuine job guarantee. Hence to students, job seekers and professionals Coursera witness an overwhelming craze since its beginning. 

In terms of subjects and teaching courses, Coursera sub imparts its niches into multiple arrays of courses ranging from Coding to Data Engineering, Digital Marketing to Journalism, Machine Learning to Data Sciences, and so on. Learners can delve into its content library right after enrolling with Coursera Plus.

Datacamp Vs Coursera: Uncover The Best Learning Programmes Offered For 2023

 From the above discourse you must have deciphered an apparent idea about these two learning platforms and their expertise. While Datacamp envisages learners with holistic approaches to understanding data in support of relevant technological tools, Coursera relies on a wide prospect irrespective of being confined within a domain or a particular area. Now, it’s time to have quick brainstorming on their course highlights.

Top Datacamp Courses For 2023

The catalogue of courses offered by Datacamp is classified into 3 sub-categories namely programming and coding languages, popular data science courses, and certification courses. Know what among each course plunge hauls maximum popularity.

I. Top Programming Language & Data Technology Courses: 

These are Python, SQL, R, Power BI, Tableau, Tidyverse, Excel, Spreadsheet, dplyr, scala, git, etc. Explore the full list here.

II. Top Data Courses: 

Trending courses include data analysis, data science, statistic, data engineering, data visualization, data literacy, machine learning, applied finances, and so on.

III. Top Certification Courses

The certification courses are provided for data analysis and data science courses. Popular of these are data management, statistical experimentation, data visualization, analytical fundamentals, etc.

Top Coursera Courses For 2023

The whole content library of Coursera is nucleated into three to four zones as per subject matter. These are data science, computer programming and coding, academic streams, and other growing courses for professionals in contemporary times such as digital marketing, graphic designing, etc.

I. Top Data Science Courses

Such as data science, data analysis, IBM data science, Google data analysis, data visualization, data engineering, data manipulation, SQL, R, Microsoft Excel, Spreadsheet, etc.

II. Top Computer Programming Courses

Python, R, Saas, HTML, Java, Javascript, web development, full stack development courses, Machine Learning, AI, and relevant courses.

III. Other Popular Courses

Project Management courses, digital marketing courses, graphic design and UFX courses, academic courses, etc.

IV. Top Certification Courses

Agile certification, CAPM certification, Scrum certification, Data Analysis certification courses, etc.

Datacamp Vs Coursera: A Glimpse Of Pricing & Subscription Plans

Don’t put yourself in hurry to be enrolled on a desired course on any of these platforms. It’s always better to have a clear idea about their plans and pricing policies. Therefore, the essential information has been tabulated below.

Datacamp Courses Pricing & PlansCoursera Courses Pricing & Plans
Basic: Free of costInclusions: Selection to 6 coursesProfessional & job board accessUpgradation to earn certificatesSingle-Learning Platform: $49 to $79/monthInclusions:Personal choice of courseAccess to the whole content libraryCertification after course completion
Premium: $12.42/monthInclusions: Access to the full content libraryValid certifications Spl. access to Python, SQL, R, etcCoursera Plus: $59/monthInclusions:Access to 7000+ course cataloguesProfessional upskilling from 170+ projects prepared by industry expertsUnlimited certifications
Teams: $25/monthInclusions:License management toolsRegular tracking of learning activityAccess to the full content library Coursera Plus Annual: $399/monthInclusions: Access to 7000+ course cataloguesProfessional upskilling from 170+ projects prepared by industry expertsUnlimited certifications
Unlock DealsUnlock Deals

Note: A free trial of 7 days and 14 days are given on Coursera Plus monthly and yearly subscriptions correspondingly. 

A Quick Revision & Summary Of Datacamp & Coursera

Finally, it’s time to carry out a quick revision of Datacamp & Coursera and their exclusives. Here you go.

Main FeaturesDatacampCoursera
Best ForLearning data science with relevant technological toolsA wholesome digital learning platform for all ranges of learning
Free TrialAvailable for 7 days after subscriptionGiven for 7 days and 14 days respectively via Coursera Plus
Course Price $12.42/month onwards$59/month respectively
Total Global Learners11 million till present date 113 million till present date.

This was all about Datacamp and Coursera. We’ve tried our best to cover all essential peripheries. Hope you’ve found the article relevant. So, keep upskilling yourself and happy learning.


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