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10 Pleasing Valentine’s Day Gifts For Long-Distance Couples


Valentine’s Day Gifts For Long-Distance Couples: Maintaining a long-distance relationship is completely different from a normal one. There are multiple challenges entrapped in-between; rough patches, loneliness, melancholic feeling, and moreover missing each other touch. But after overcoming all these hurdles when we see ‘that person’s face’ after a prolonged period, the feeling ebbing in the heart is just inexplicable! Therefore, as Valentine’s day is approaching faster even if you can’t manage an in-person meeting with your beau, these 10 gift ideas below would butter-coat the pain and fix the melancholia gracefully. So, let’s find out what these are.

10 Cute & Winning Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Long-Distance Couples

From jewellery to perfume sets to a meal box, you can enlist any gift to the valentine’s day gift planners. As gifts are devoid of any genre or any type. However, to spritz an extra layer of soulfulness to long-distance valentine’s day gifts, we’ve walked across a bit abstract path of gifting and gift ideas. These have been comprised below.

1. Make A Set Of Hand-Bound Diary & Hand-Written Card

Nothing is deeper than a hand-written card when you’re trying to feel your beloved one while he is thousands of miles away. Right from his smell to touch, everything gets so beautifully immersed in the words of the letter, as if you feel your hand rolling on his face and his eyes. So, this V-day, men, treat your women special with simple warming gifts instead of choosing an expensive one. Make a set of these duo of a hand-bind leather journal and well-written letters. Trust me, this is indeed the best way to articulate your feelings. 

While you can pick any black letter paper cut from the nearest shop, there are so many outlets like Amazon and Etsy that sell beautiful hand-bound diaries at great prices.

2. Make A Bottle With 365 Message Chits

This is a DIY project. You can diligently practice the chore all around a year and fill a glass bottle with a tiny interesting message every day or buy a bottle with blank message chits for stores like Amazon, Etsy, etc and then fill each of the chits individually. This is one of the most pristine gifts, in time.

3. Personalized Long-Distance Maps With Heartfelt Quotes

The best way to keep a relationship revived is to invent and re-invent it regularly. Therefore, innovation lies in its hearts. So, you can pick this innovative personalized 2-in-1 map from Etsy that comes with a tiny tin box and an engraved message. Here, the locale of both your present residence has been picked and juxtaposed together. As the idea suggests, it is completely personalized. 

4. Arrange A Virtual Dinner Date

It’s okay if it is impossible to meet on Valentine’s day. It can be postponed for any serious reason. But what matters most is an enthralling celebration– be it on air or physically, that does not matter. So, in that case, where there is no chance of a physical meeting, arrange a virtual dinner date. Home cook each other’s favourite dishes, talk, and prattle, and spend some quality time together.

5. Surprise Him With A Netflix Subscription 

Netflix + good a dinner buffet= weekend plan is sorted. Be it for singles or long-distance couples, this is the best plan everyone enjoys. Therefore, if you’re boyfriend is on the verge of his Netflix subscription, repurchase a year plan and surprise him. Cute idea, isn’t it?

6. Surprise Her With Skincare Set From Ulta

As a leading global website for skin and makeup essentials, everyone is aware of Ulta and its gamut collection of premium cosmetics brands. So, as a valentine’s day gift you can buy a Skincare set of your girlfriend’s favourite brands such as Drunk Elephant, Estee Lauder, etc and custom the inclusions accordingly. 

7. Pick Her/ Him Favourite Perfume Brand 

Perfume unfolds lots of things about a person. So, it is the same for your beloved ones. Therefore, picking him/her favourite brand of perfume as Valentine’s day gift is truly a candid idea. There are plenty of cosmetics stores namely Sephora, JCPenney, Ulta, etc which have an impressive stock of global perfume brands like Dior, Dolce & Gabanna, Paco Rabanne, etc. Pick and set a bottle and surprise your beau.

8. Treat The Day Special With A Gift Voucher

Again, instead of fat, thick gifts, you can always opt for better alternatives. Take gift vouchers as an example in this case. Purchase a fat gift voucher from a leading shopping website and treat your beau special. Caution, it’s better to have a clear idea about your girlfriend or boyfriend’s taste in gifts. Such as, if she is fond of diamonds, buy her a voucher from Zales, if he is very sensitive about his skin and health, treat him special with a Sephora gift card, or a MyProtein subscription.

9. Glassware Cooking Sets

If your partner is a connoisseur of wine and good food, plan a different valentine’s day gift box. Buy him a glassware cooking set from a crafty store of kitchenware and crockeries. You may try Sur La Table in this case. It is truly racked up with magnificent sets of glassware and serving ware.

10. Plan For An Offbeat Trip

During Valentine’s day or on-season holidays, the crowd remains on the top of the cloud. You guys can avoid it easily and take out the trip during the offbeat season. Go for hiking in remote alpine regions or country land farmhouses areas or explore much more similar ideas.

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This was a gist of the top 10 valentine’s day gift ideas for long-distance couples. There are many more interesting ideas which you can explore personally. And stay tuned with us to receive updates on more such articles. Best for the day of love ahead!


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