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10 Upcoming Music Festivals In The US For 2023: Biggest Music Fests Await For You


10 Upcoming Music Festivals In The US: Music is love, music is eternity. In fact, music propels that ‘form’ of solace which can neither be bought nor be lent. Therefore as summer slowly is on its way, bundles of entangling musical concerts are coming after. But wait, not sure about your personal taste in music? Or just baffled about which music fest to attend first? Relax, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve enlisted 10 upcoming biggest music festivals which amalgamate all kinds of musical genres into a single knot and thereby unfurl rip-roaring crazes across the nation every year. So, whether you’re fond of EDM music or soft country acoustic lullabies or authentic jazz, with the list of musical concerts below your desire for immersing in good, soulful music and watching your favourite band would heartily be fulfilled. Therefore, stay tuned with this upcoming summer music festival and buy your tickets at the earliest. 

1. Coachella Valley Music And Art Festival| Indio, California| April 2023

upcoming music festivals in the US

If your choice of music perfectly blends with hard rock and metallic music, undoubtedly Coachella Valley music festival is the best recommendation. Lying in the heart of the Indio desert, you’ll enjoy music and mirage simultaneously. Being one of the biggest EDM festivals in the country, Coachella Valley musical concert is imparted into 3 types; hard rock, metallic or EDM and rap songs. For 2023, the biggest bands namely Bad Bunny, BLACKPINK, and Frank Ocean have released published dates of performances.

Genre of the music festival: EDM festivals, hard rock and metallic music

When: April 14 to 16 & 21 to 23

Where: Indio, California

Official website: https://www.coachella.com/ 

2. Lollapalooza| Chicago, Illinois| August 2023

upcoming music festivals in the US

As the biggest Chicago EDM festival, Lollapalooza made the lineup quite a long back and coming this August to swirl a storm of craze for once. Combing the best rock bands such as Metallica and pop stars like Dua Lipa, Lill Baby Lollapalooza commit to making a massive crowd each year. Besides music, there are plenty more interesting socializing events like dancing, and food fests, this summer music festival brims with happiness and enjoyable relaxation.

Genre of the music festival: Rock music, pop songs and rap songs

When: August 03 to 06, 2023

Where: Grant Park, Chicago, IL

Official website: https://www.lollapalooza.com/ 

3. Austin City Limits| Austin, Texas| October 2023

upcoming music festivals in the US

Entrapped between summer and fall, Austin City Limits adieus summer season throwing a splendid musical concert enkindling pop music, hard rock bands, and more. Delivering 100 performances through 8 stages ACL mesmerized audiences with stunning performances. Thus holds a record crowd of millions of people each year.

Genre of the music festival: Pop music, rock band music

When: October, 2023. Details are yet to be announced

Where: Zilker Park, Austin, Texas

Official website: https://austincitylimits.com/ 

4. Summerfest| Milwaukee, Wisconsin| June-July 2023

upcoming music festivals in the US

What does a symphony between pop music and country music sound like? Well, if you want to experience the feeling attend Summerfest coming this June. You will indeed feel levitation on the adobe of eternity. From out-staging flocks of country music performances to putting in popular rock bands and pop artists like Eric Chruch, Zac Brown Band, etc. on the same stage, Summerfest has everything you look for in an ideal music festival.

Genre of the music festival: pop music festival, country music festival

When: June 23 to July 08, 2023

Where: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Official website: https://www.summerfest.com/ 

5. CMA Music Festival| Nashville, Tennessee| June 2023

upcoming music festivals in the US

Starting back in 1972 as the Ultimate Country Music Festival, today CMA aka Country Music Festival has indeed engraved a global history after all, falling in love with Jazz is quite obvious after listening to it. And CMA music festival takes this charm to the next level. Despite, intense jazz and country music, soulful solo performances by popular pop stars are truly heartwarming. So, if your musical world is all about jazz, you must keep the CMA music festival on your bucket list. So, plan early and buy tickets beforehand.

Genre of the music festival: country music festival, jazz music festival

When: June 08 to 11, 2023

Where: Nashville, Tennesse

Official website: https://cmafest.com/ 

6. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival| New Orleans, Louisiana| April 2023

upcoming music festivals in the US

If Jazz sets into your heart you can’t afford to miss New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Despite showstopper jazz performances, you will witness a detailed enclosure of folk culture, heritage, and livelihood which entraps the root of jazz. With this relishing traditional food is a plus.

Genre of the music festival: jazz music festival, and several country music performances

When: April 28 to May 07, 2023

Where: New Orleans, Louisiana

Official website: https://www.nojazzfest.com/ 

7. Ultra Music Festival| Miami, Florida| March 2023

upcoming music festivals in the US

Ultra Music Festival is the most famous electronic music concert under the roster of the Florida Music Festival. Being an event of electronic and engrossing DJ music UMF literally let the country die for it. Staging global EDM bands like Resistance, Dirty Workz, etc and hundreds of rock song stars, UMF drags millions of folks every single year. So, if metallic high-string nodes give you goosebumps, buy tickets for the fest coming after a few days without thinking.

Genre of the music festival: electronic music festival, DJ music and EDM music

When: March 24 to 26, 2026

Where: Miami, Florida

Official website: https://ultramusicfestival.com/ 

8. Electric Daisy Carnival| Las Vegas, Nevada| March 2023

upcoming music festivals in the US

Electric Daisy Festival is another EDM music festival that is more than enough to let the country being thrashed under the fervour of metallic music obsession. Originating in Las Vegas, impeccably pacing up with the ultra-charismatic notions of city life, EDC busts extra sparks to it with insane live performances of metallic stars, bands, and more. 

Genre of the music festival: EDM music festival,  rock music

When: May 19 to 21, 2023

Where: Las Vegas motor speedway, Nevada

Official website: https://lasvegas.electricdaisycarnival.com/ 

9. Seabreeze Jazz Festival| Panama, Florida| April 2023

upcoming music festivals in the US

Seabreeze Jazz Festival is another popular inclusion of the Florida Music Festival which is about to start in the coming April. Rostering jazz artists namely Bonny James, George Benso, Norman Brown, Peter White, and lots of rising stars Seabreeze Jazz Festivals represent splendid auditorium-worthy performances by playing varieties of vocal performances, and musical performances. Therefore, you won’t regret even for a while for taking a wrong decision after buying a ticket for the jazz show. 

Genre of the music festival: Jazz music, jazz instrumental performances

When: April 19 to 23, 2023

Where: Panama City,  Florida

Official website: https://www.seabreezejazzfestival.com/ 

10. Stagecoach Festival| Indio, California| April 2023

upcoming music festivals in the US

Stagecoach Festival is one of the major country music festivals in California. For 2023, the detailed lineup for the event has already been declared with three main major artists  Luke Bryan, Kane Brown, and Chris Stapleton followed by a list of rising tribal music artists featured by the Palomino stage lineup. There are lots of other attractions including a glaring opportunity of socializing besides music. So, don’t wait for more to buy your tickets till its availability. 

Genre of the music festival: Country music, DJ concerts, Palomino stage lineup

When: April 28 to 30, 2023

Where: Indio, California

Official website: https://www.stagecoachfestival.com/ 

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