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Udemy vs Coursera vs Udacity vs Edx


Udemy vs Coursera vs Udacity vs Edx 

The conventional perception of the teaching-learning process has undergone a drastic change over the last decade. Whether to enhance personal acumen or chiseling up professional skills, endeavors do not need to attend an in-person learning class outside anymore. What they need is a personal computer and a stable internet connection to be connected to an online class of their requirement. 

Preeminent online class providers namely Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, and so on, have been committed to aspirant-required courses since the early phase of the last decade. All their courses are an amalgamation of both academic and professional modules. Hence, aspirants do get an ample option to select any of alike these stores. However,  below is a precise overview of the 4 most leading educational stores have provided. Take a glance at these before you get involved in the process of knowledge upskilling.


Founded in 2012 through a collaborative initiative of Stanford University’s professors, Coursera draws the spotlight of attention as a massive online course provider. All courses are available both in real university-level degrees and in certified executions. The most notable aspect of this online education hub is its sole regulation by professors. Later on, the store was additionally supported by other IVY universities like Harvard, Princeton, etc.

Best for: overall course programs 

Key aspects

  • According to 2021 data, Coursera provides a total number of 4000 courses and partnered with more than 150 universities
  • A glimpse of the course numbers is as follows
  • 425 data science courses | 1095 business courses| 401 social science courses
  • 338 arts and humanities| 150 language courses| 417 health courses
  • 150 IT coureses| 70 math and logic courses, etc.
  • Unlike other educational stores, Coursera provides a proportional percentage of academic and professional courses
  • Each of the courses is directly taught by professors across the world
  • The store is accredited by the MOOC of the USA

Reason to select the store?

Since the time of its launch, Coursera keeps a sharp eye on the pricing of its courses. Its project courses start onward from $9.99/month, certified courses from $11.99/month, and a monthly subscription for online degree courses cost $59/month. Apart from this, new users will get a 7 day of the free trial before enrollment and 10% cashback against the purchased course. Coursera is also renowned as a sound academic course provider.

Pros Accerideted both by educational institutions and employersBudget effective course structureMore than 1500 free coursesMoney back assurance Valid certification Cons Prerequisites are required before enrollmentNo certification for free coursesStrict time boundedness for the classes


Udemy is another Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) providing for-profit organization who came into public in 2010. The platform majorly provided skill-oriented courses for the job markets and fasten professional success. Most of the courses by the store are certified and followed a fast-track course module. And eventually gets done within a period of 3-6 months. 

Best for: professional courses; IT-based, marketing, etc.

Key aspects

  • As per current data, the edu-store provided more than 183,000 online niche-based video courses
  • Most demanding courses are
  • IT courses: Python, JavaScript, AWS, machine learning, etc
  • Digital marketing: SEO optimization, Content marketing
  • Data analysis: SQL, SQL with Python
  • Finance & accounting, cryptocurrency, design courses, etc.
  • All of its courses are taught by a total of 75,000 specialized trainers
  • All available courses are available in more than 75 languages
  • Free mock trial courses are provided 
  • Agile class timing and one-to-one feedback sessions are available
  • Certification is provided after completion of a course

Reason to Udemy

When you’re in a pursuit to land up a job at your dream company, Udemy is the savior to chiseling up your skill and knowledge to accomplish your desire. Each of its courses is accepted by renowned global leaders such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Moreover, a track of learning progress is provided per candidate along with providing one-to-one feedback. All its study materials are downloadable and classes can be attended at per user’s convenience. Presently, it charges $11.99/course.

Pros Learners’ friendly interfaceMultilingual class environment User-based class timing 30 days money-back guaranteeCons All courses are not certifiedQuality is not up to the mark for some courses Thorough reviews have not been conducted for certain courses 


While you’re in a quest for fast track courses than investing a significant amount of time for a full-length course, Udacity is the best site to hop in. Set up in 2011, Udacity earns the acclamation as the best educational store for nano-degree courses. Hence, the store is best recommended to professionals seeking a higher position in their workspace. Another most striking part about the store is, that despite individuals, Udacity also reveals programs for government and enterprise. 

Best for: nanodegree courses and upskilling career perspectives

Key aspects

  • Course length of each course ranges from 3 months to max 6 months
  • Eligibility criteria must be full-filled before seeking for a particular course 
  • Real-world based workshop is auto-subjective to each course module
  • The store is best suited for technical courses namely 
  • Cloud computing| AI and machine learning
  • Automobile engineering| data science, etc.
  • Till this time, the store avails a total of 400 registered nano-degree courses 

Reason to choose Udacity

Udacity dispenses all essential alcoves of a professional course in the most precise form. With this, each course is budget effective and can be accessed heights of discounts that rarely drop below 75%. Udacity also unveils a list of certain free courses to the learners. Most global employers accept Udacity’s certified courses. 

Pros Real word project and workshop-based programsIn-depth analysis and teaching from a work-space-based perceptionThorough guidance to resume and portfolio bullyingOffers scholarship access to certain programsCons Limited course numbers Certification is not available for certain courses Some courses are apparently more expensive than fellow competitive stores 


Developed in 2012 by a partnered initiative of Harvard University and MIT, Edx is one another online education platform to provide the best self-paced learning environments. The enumerated course list of the store is imparted into 4 domains; bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, short certified professional courses, and boot camps. Till present, the store makes available a total of 3000 courses taught by super-skilled trainers.

Best for: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) courses

Key aspects:

  • Both traditional degrees and associate degrees are available
  • Accredited by global IVY institutions and employers
  • It is teamed up with more than 160 global universities
  • A list of new 500 courses has been introduced along with the major 3000 courses
  • Flexible class timing, duration, brainstorming, and in-depth feedback sessions are regularly carried out.

Reason to choose Edx

If you dream of experiencing a multilingual teaching-learning environment from top global institutions within your study room, Edx is the best door to step in. Despite prolonged and authentic degree programs, it also pays consequent attention to the professional world by releasing bundles of small professional courses.  Grabbing a degree via Edx impinges your probability of catching up with your dream job 100x higher.

Pros Free trial courses are providedScholarship liability is also available A minimum of 15% to 90% discount is always tagged against the total course feeCons Comparatively confined course availability Rigid and fixed class timings for certain courses 

Why should be more agile with online learning platforms?

With the rapid advancement of technology, traditional perceptions are being upwelled notably. It leaves the same impact on the world of education as well. The major reasons behind ascending hortatory behind online education certainly intricate the time-effectiveness following affordability. Because nowadays people barely have any time to waste. Hereby, the above 4 stores have come up with the ideology of providing the best self-paced education at minimum cost. There are plenty of similar others as well. Hence, save your time instead of attending the lecture in your college by person. Take up an online course and upgrade your prodigy. All the best for your future endeavor! 


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