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Top Alternatives and Competitors of Magoosh


Develop a guaranteed study plan for exams, online tests, admissions, higher education programs and secure your path for success. Study portals like Magoosh, ETS, Kaplan Test Prep, GMAT club and more conduct test series, host study and exam preparation events to advance scores and eliminate fear of exams with simulated tests.

Why consider Magoosh alternatives?

In addition to the applicable lessons, customizable practice sessions and detailed explanations to all test questions, Magoosh offers annual access, score enhancement assurance, expert advice, score estimate and new white board online feature.

Nevertheless, other portals offer additional features like ETS accessibility of tests for especially abled individuals, Kaplan assessment in skills, values and real-life attitudes, GMAT Club mobile app to help students learn on the go.

Here are some more details of Magoosh and its top competitors or alternatives:


Magoosh | Effective Test Prep for GRE, GMAT, LSAT, ACT, SAT, MCAT and more

Prepare for online tests and get counselling for studying abroad with the help of Magoosh audio-visual lessons, practice tests and online mail support. Founders Bhavin Parikh, Vikram Shenoy, Pejman Pour-Moezzi and Hansoo Lee started the first practice question sets from 2009.

  • Key features: graded assessments, score analysis, comprehensive study schedules, infinite ask-an-expert questions, target band score assurance, 6-month to 1 year access, new online whiteboard
  • Mission: making test preparation accessible, enjoyable and effective
  • Courses offered: GRE, SAT, LSAT, GMAT, ACT, MCAT, TOEFL, IELTS, Praxis
  • Pros: tailored study timetable, reasonable plans, smart assessment system, vast content database
  • Cons: fewer GRE practice tests, minimal live coaching and essay valuation
  • Highlights: unique reward system, appropriate for students who enjoy self-studies, video learning and microlearning strategy
  • Plans: Magoosh offers the following self-study plans:
  1. Math + IR at $149: 175 lessons, 1 year access
  2. Premium at $199: Access to Math, IR, Verbal and AWA, 340 lessons
  3. Guided study at $549: classes instructed by 99th percentile mentor, restricted class size, personalized homework
  4. 2-4 programmed full-length practice tests for SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT and LSAT with Praxis, TOEFL, IELTS 7-day trial preparation.
  • Exclusive offers: subscribers can redeem exclusive 40% discount on GMAT official practice exams.

ETS (Educational Testing Service)

Khan Academy and ETS Partner to Create Free Test Prep for Aspiring Teachers

Promote learning and performance with ETS advanced quality education using assessment development and educational research. This nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization was founded in 1947 by College Board, American Council on Education, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

  • Key features: well-functioning and transection econometrics, policy studies and products that measure knowledge, skills and professional development with data series, acquisition tools and analysis methods
  • Courses offered: GRE, TOEFL Essentials and iBT, Praxis, TOEIC, HiSET,
  • Pros: easy to track student data, good testing interface, assessment flexibility, ability to use software technology despite impairments
  • Cons: inaccurate automated grading in qualitative tests, no specific feedback on student performance
  • Additional perks: research tools, psychometric development and training using R&D consultation, enhancing business growth and solutions to accelerate success.
  • Future of ETS: adaptive learning customized according to student advancement with improvement in accessibility design of learners
  • Plans: Pricing and Ordering details of ETS Proficiency Profile program are:
  1. Paper-and-Pencil tests: from $13.50
  2. Standard (abbreviated and essay form) tests: from $14.50
  3. Custom comparative data report at $300
  4. Premium package at $450
  • Exclusive offers: GRE fee reduction program: each practice test at $40 and online writing practice at $20 value

Kaplan Test Prep (Kaptest)

Kaplan Test Prep Survey: Business School Admissions Officers Identify  Political Environment and a Strong Economy as the Top Reasons for the  Application Slump at U.S. MBA Programs | Kaplan Test Prep

Log in to Kaptest for practice tests, tutoring, training courses for different exams, online tests, college and graduate admissions. The tests include multiple-choice questions featuring basic reading, math, science and writing skills. Transformed from tutoring basement of Stanley Kaplan since 1938, the institute now helps students to pursue higher education with ease.

  • Key features: mobile app with clean learning interface (meant for students who have busy schedules), simple dashboard view to understand education objectives and simplify learning experience for all students
  • Courses offered: on demand, live, in person GRE courses, GRE practice (Question bank, 4-pack quiz, test bundles), GRE tutoring with preparation for high school, college and graduate admissions, medical licensing, allied health, nursing, bar review, high school and teacher equivalency, English language tests and more
  • Pros: huge resource library, computer-based tests, practice problems, individual performance analysis
  • Cons: some tutoring packages are expensive
  • Additional perks: high quality resource material and books, free practice and events, exclusive live and recorded lessons on the channel, simulates tests
  • Pricing: free trial class, on demand courses are priced at $32/month, $449 annually
  • Exclusive offers: use coupons to get maximum 15% savings for on demand monthly courses


Join the interactive community to exchange information, share experiences with other business school candidates and build successful career route. Since its inception in December 2002, the GMAT Club is now headed by Rajdeep Chimni – Admissions Consultant managed by volunteer mediators using independent forums that provide tactics to improve test scores.

  • Key features: advanced data analysis, interactive video lectures, webinars, customized study plan, free diagnostic quiz, free access to select tests, free profile assessment, connect with other MBA and Masters applications with unrestricted GMAT resources
  • Test center offers: free tests, GMAT club sets, practice bundles, question banks, GMAT and MBA resources etc.
  • Pros: helps to improve score, affordable plans, student loans
  • Cons: verbal tests need upgrading
  • Online perks: decision tracker, school discussions, new forums
  • Pricing: GMAT courses begin from $50, Dream Score tutoring at $235, Math Revolution live online class from $590, Admission consulting packages start from $750
  • Known for: free practice tests, tutoring, books, mobile app features and MBA guides
  • Exclusive offers: redeem 25% savings on one-time test purchase

In conclusion, choose among any of the following online preparation portals that best suit your need:

  • Magoosh: offering video lessons, audio-visual strategies, value for money plans
  • ETS: logical writing, verbal reasoning, quantitative perceptive, modified tests
  • Kaplan: live classes with instructive engaging sessions that improve retention
  • GMAT Club: admission consultation, free advice on forums, profile review from partners

Depending on these features, opt for the favorable portal to pave the way for academic success. Choose the best study plan and use online coupons, promotional deals or apply for student loans to save on your purchases.


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