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Top 5 Low-Cost Apps For Podcast Lovers| 2023 Review


Top 5 Low-Cost Apps For Podcast Lovers| 2023 Review

Are you a podcast addict and questing to open your personal audiobook series? Then you’re at the right place! For in this article we’ve covered top podcast apps in the United States that not only have got soaring hypes but the same time is easy to access! So, let’s take a look at what these apps are and conduct a comparative analysis among them. But wait, if you bear a murky perception about podcasts and the performing methods, then first, get better clarity about it.

What is a podcast and how does it function?

A podcast is an audio program like a radio program that is optimized by different audio apps like Spotify, Podcast Addict, etc. However, unlike a radio channel, podcast apps are publicly accessible and operational fully online. 

Reasons behind ascending popularity of podcasting?

Why there has been so much popularity for podcasting? Honestly, assorting the responsible reasons are pretty challenging as the numbers are massive. However, we’ve figured out a few which may feed your query! Take a look into these then!

  1. A unique platform to express personal interest and creativity
  2. Adding a new dimension to the domain of entertainment which is much more enjoyable
  3. Access to a huge selection of entertainment of vibrant genres; audio stories, news, etc. at one click
  4. A smart way to earn some extra bucks.

Top 5 Podcast Apps For 2023

1. Pocket Casts

Accessibility mode: Free for normal access| $1.17/month for Pocket Casts Plus

Operational platform: Android, iOs, web player, Alexa, Sonos, etc.

Total Downloads: 1M+ via the Playstore

Download: Playstore/ App Store

Review: Rated 4-star by Playstore users

Pocket Casts is the first and foremost name among podcast lovers in terms of budget and accessibility. All major types of audio performances are beautifully synchronized into its catalog. Music, speeches, stories, live shows, everything can be streamed just with one click and can be played seamlessly. The best part is that the app is available both as a free version and paid subscription that costs only $1.17 per month. Paid subscribers will be facilitated with some extra advantages that are very common to understand. However, the operational platforms are equally wide and vibrant. From phones, desktops to cars and event smartwatches, Pocket Casts can easily be downloaded and installed.

Major features at a glance 

  • Available in two versions: 
  • General access for free 
  • Pocket Casts Plus at $1.17/month or $11.79/year
  •  Easy to access the library, feasible browsing, and episode-based search
  • Huge selection of OLED themes
  • Support android auto and car play
  • Easy connectivity to airplay, Chromecast, and apple watch
  • Smart storage management and variable speed playback
Pros Cons 
1. Multiple connectivity system2. Millions of personalized features 3. Completely budget-effective1. Confined list of episodic playlists2. Battery optimization power could have been improved 

2. Stitcher Radio

Accessibility mode: free of cost

Operational platform:

Total Downloads: 50L+

Library Size: 26,000+ content of different niches

Download: Playstore/ App store

Review: Rated 4.7-star by Playstore users

The list of free podcast apps is not just a few on the internet. But the problem lies somewhere else. Choosing the best one among all which is featured with intriguing features makes the actual clutter. However, to ease such a problem with the most reliable result going for Sticher Radio would be the best suggestion. Not only the app is free of cost but schemed with all modern features followed by a huge library of diverse audio content. The connectivity and accessibility of the app are super viable and versatile. That means from android, iOs, and webplayer to apple carplay, it supports all kinds of platforms.

Major features at a glance

  • Absolutely free of cost and easy to handle
  • Easy queue up and rearrangement of episodes
  • Options for BlueTooth connectivity 
  • Custom control streaks and sleep timer mode
  • Club versatile contents, such as politics, Freakonomics, crime, comedy, etc
Pros Cons 
1. Simple interface2. Easy to optimize 3. Vibrant genres over a single catalog1. Nothing as such

3. Overcast

Accessibility mode: free for regular use| $9.99/year for Overcast Premium

Operational platform: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Total Downloads: Over millions

Download: App store

Overcast is the first recommended podcast app for Apple users. The app is accessible via all Apple platforms like iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It is a good choice for both listening and growing personal reputational perspectives. It puts up a wide catalog of content like narratives, romance, crime, thrillers, politics, and so on. However, keep in mind the app strictly prohibits violent, hateful, and sexual content. Along with this, this app has a special ad space that encourages naive podcast releasers to focus more on their passion. And from the listener’s perspective, it’s super easy to scrawl through millions of diverse content stuffed in a single window, and that too at completely free! 

Pros Cons 
1. Award-winning podcast player
2. Sleek and cheek interface stuffed with immersive features 
3. An overwhelming stock of good stories, and narratives 
1. Accessible only by iOs/ Apple
2. No library for music

4. Podcast Addict

Accessibility mode: Free

Operational platform: Android

Total Downloads: 10M+

Library Size: >2billions of episodes and other content

Download: Playstore

Review: Rated 4.5-star by Playstore users

If you’re on a quest for a compact comprehensive podcast app, packed with all popular podcasting genres, then Podcast Addict is just unbeatable. And as the name suggests, it literally will make you addicted to all its narrative content. Music, stories, comedy, devotional chants or prayers, daily news, FM, and so forth you’ll witness a non-depletable collection into its celestial. Besides this, you will enjoy decent cloud backup storage and can seamlessly customize audio effects from a huge sound theme board. Apart from being completely free but also being synchronized with multiple UI-friendly features, the app has been downloaded by 10M+ people supported by 500K+ positive reviews. 

Major features at a glance

  • Hosts an unfinishable content stock as both audio and video
  • Most famous genres are divided into news, TedTalks, devotional, historical, etc
  • Support Android auto and Chromecast
  • Personalized shuffling, sleep mode availability, followed by so many other features available
Pros Cons 
1. Massive library with heterogeneous content as both audio and video
2. Free and easy to optimize 
1. Supported only by Android 

5. Spotify

Accessibility mode: Paid, $9.99/month onwards for Spotify Premium

Operational platform: Android, iOs, web player

Total Downloads: 10M+ with 2.7M positive reviews

Download: Playstore/ Apple store

Review: Rated 4.7-star by Playstore users

As a podcast app, the fame of Spotify is spreaded across the whole world. Despite providing a wide platform of podcast episodes in vibrant languages, the app does also have a colossal library of music. From live streaming shows, and stories to the latest released songs of popular global artists, anything is available on Spotify at an exchange of tiny amounts. However, the app is accessible on both android and iOs and also supports android auto support connectivity. 

List of features at a glance

  • Huge content library with top-rated stars
  • Brilliant platform for audio storytellers 
  • Complete noise-free audio quality 
  • Feasible subscription policy packed with alluring offers. For e.g
  • Spotify Individual @ $9.99/month with a 3-month free trial that is valid till Dec. 12
  • Spotify Duo @ $12.99/month+ 1-month of free trial
  • Spotify Family @ $16.99/month+ 6 accounts accessibility+ 1-month of free trial
  • Spotify Student @ $4.99/month+ single account access
Pros Cons 
1. Huge selection of content
2. Smooth trim selection3. Smart and chic UI interface
1. No availability of lyrical features
2. Not all premium subscriptions are free of ads.

Thus, we’ve provided a precise idea of all these 5 low-cost podcast apps. Make these used as per your own stake and stay tuned with us for more such interesting content. Happy listening. 


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