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Simple tools for any professional, team, and organization to create, manage, and share high-quality videos.


If you are an individual or a team of professionals looking to build your brand then, you are at the right place as with the advancement in technology promoting brands and products through video-sharing websites is lately in trend, helping business owners gain a competitive advantage over others. Hold on tight as we help you create a target audience for your business with a little creative artistry platform Vimeo generally used by professional video creators to show off their work. With a slew of additional features this platform is constantly rolling software updates and improvements that does not require any designing experience to get started quickly.

Tools to power your next Video

Vimeo Create

This feature lets you create, edit and customize your work and share all from one place. With thousands of professionally designed templates think of it as your own virtual production team that helps you create polished videos in minutes.

Trim video clips

As every platform where you publish your videos have different lengths & formats, so with a video shortener tool like Vimeo create you can crop & trim your video in seconds to embed on your website or share with a link.

Convert image to video

Vimeo Create’s image to video maker comes to your rescue with their east to use tool to bring life to your images to help you create a polished presentation in minutes with just a few clicks, where you can adjust the order of your photos, and even use background music if you want.

Merge video clips

Depending on the type of clips you are creating, the video merger tool comes in handy to edit short videos to create a seamless slideshow that meets the specs where you would want to upload it. Modify with text, animations & styles to design sleek transitions.

Add Watermarks

In a business, at a first glance, your company’s logo is the face of not only your business, but it also represents your business mission and vision connecting your brand with the audience. A watermark is an identifiable image ensuring that you get credit for your work.

Add Filters to your video

This feature helps you enhance your video’s aesthetic appeal & style with the help of fun and vibrant filters.

Small Business Video Solutions

Reach your audience anywhere. Publish your videos directly from Vimeo to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and with Vimeo analytics you can track your video’s performance on social media & beyond and give colleagues or customers glimpses of your analytics instantly with easy to export reporting. For users to remain productive at all times one can customize the screen in whatever way you want with different animations, graphic effects, videos, images with no video production or editing experience needed and build eye-catching social videos anywhere and anytime.

Live Streaming

Whether it is a product launch or an interactive class, live-streaming lets you connect with your viewers in real time. All that is required is to go live and broadcast with Vimeo in high-definition quality on your website & social channels. One can customize your stream with your logo & onscreen graphics as you grab your viewer’s attention & go live from any device like mobile, desktop or API.

Education Video Solutions

Deliver knowledge with a personal touch as you expand your reach beyond the classroom. Vimeo has the tools to let you record your screen, prepare & present lectures in the most engaging way possible. The Streamable helps you find ways to stream your videos through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more in the highest quality possible, all in a secure, easy to access library for you and your audience.

Fitness Studio Online

Create your own custom videos and chat, engage directly with your audience. With Vimeo’s intuitive features & world-class technology stream live pay per view fitness classes to your audience from your Vimeo OTT channel or app, or alternately, create a live fitness TV stream that streams simultaneously on YouTube, Facebook Live, and other channels to expand your reach and grow your audience.

Explore Vimeo Create’s Real Estate Videos

take your Real Estate listing to the next level, and help grow your business, Vimeo Create’s templates allows you to make your video in minutes to give viewers an explanation and video walk-through of a property as you get ready to share on your website or social media. If you wish to spread the word about your listing Vimeo video maker makes video editing easy no matter your skill level.


In today’s age consumers are tech-savvy, and browse through many web and social media sites to catch the latest highlights of a product promotion or store-wide sale. Vimeo video Creator makes it easy to create all kinds of product videos for ecommerce in the form of product-ads, limited time deals, exclusive offers, or other products to showcase your products and create awareness about your products. Ecommerce product videos are effective on the digital platform, so it is essential to capture viewers within the first few seconds of your product video for ecommerce.

Virtual Events Platform

To create excellent marketing content, engage your audience by building stunning videos and even turn your videos collection into subscription channels for TV, all from one dashboard. Vimeo’s easy-to-use browser based virtual event platform creates a stunning viewer experience by letting you pre-build each scene ahead of time. And that’s not all, it’s easy to invite viewers to join in the conversation before the event or add them on the fly where viewers can experience Vimeo’s high quality adaptive streaming from any web browser. No matter whatever virtual event you are looking to host, Vimeo Events has the tech and tools to make it a success.

Nobody wants a complex structure to work. With the variety of different apps, the struggle becomes real when it comes to making the right choice. So, pick tools that offer exceptional service and multiple features for team collaboration whereby increasingly making every kind of business likely to be successful.


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