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Shein vs Yesstyles: Fashion Ecommerce Review


Staying connected with the latest fashion trends is everyone’s choice and with the quality and price issues, teenagers and young adults go on a fashion expedition by turning to the internet to find great clothing at great prices. No matter what the current forecast is for the latest trends in fashion, if you have done your shopping from Shein in your country, you are probably not new to this fashion destination. As one of the fast fashion Chinese retailers on the planet, Shein is popular among the young audience having targeted a more international demography due to its incredibly low-price tags. Another fashion Ecommerce website that has carved a name for themselves is the Yes Styles providing top quality fashion for both genders.

Shein vs Yesstyles: Popular fashion destination for all


Shein, the Online selling international B2C fast fashion Ecommerce platform not only focusses on Women’s wear, but also offers Men’s apparel, Kids wear, shoes, home goods as well as other fashion accessories. Targeting Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East along with other consumer markets, the giant retailer currently covers over 220 countries.

With over 13.8 million followers on Instagram, the brand is known for its trendy items and rock-bottom prices that they can mix & match to their heart’s delight with women’s dresses as low as $12.

Shein prides itself on offering on-trend styles for the modern yet economical fashionista. Be it boho dresses, chic beachwear, active wear, or graphic tees, Shein products are appealing to everyone around the globe.

Fashion Accessories at Shein

Accessorizing is a way to spice up your outfits, having the ability to make an outfit turn from casual to formal, by incorporating smaller pieces like bags, jewellery & shoes that never seem to go out of fashion, and continue to be worn by everyone for decades.

  • Scarves boasts of its exclusivity by adding color to your outfit. Check out the options at Shien with prices starting at $2.00
  • Hair Accessories are no longer just meant for kids. With plenty to offer, grab one today for an elegant stand out.

Daily Deals at Shein

  • Tie dye Bodycon dress @ savings of 44% at $5
  • Emery Rose All Floral Ruffle trim dress @$11.75
  • Motf Asymmetrical Midi Skirt with 47% savings @$10.50
  • Plus Size Emery Rose Print Notch Neck Top @25% off

Other Attractions include:

  • 10% off on Orders above 29+
  • 20% off on purchase of $69+
  • 25% off on shopping above $169
  • Dive into the pool as you buy 2 to get 50% off

Shein’s Pros & Cons

  • The User-friendly website promises a great shopping experience
  • Stay in the fashion loop for the discount offers which are updated frequently and are active all year round.
  • Play around with your style, as Shein is a great outlet that combines style & durability on its products.
  • In case a product has to returned, then shipping is free on your 1st Return for any order.
  • The fashion retailer is primarily targeting more western audience considering the fashion trends & styles they carry.


  • Sometimes delivery takes longer than usual
  • Some items do not show up and do not meet the code specified for a particular item
  • Although, the clothes are inexpensive for a reason, but it is not always that they are of top quality.
  • Sometimes refunds take longer than expected
  • When it comes to selecting your size, unfortunately there aren’t too many.


Another trendy fashion brand that has made a place for itself and won’t send your bank account spiralling is YesStyle, a subsidiary of YesAsia. This name probably needs no introduction as this retailer is everyone’s first choice for affordable and fast fashion clothing. If you are looking for an ultra-trendy dress to wear, YesStyle delivers. Besides, the site is also a good resource to stock up on great basics, lingeries, trends, beauty & accessories, activewear, and not to forget Lifestyle.

Newest Trend in Fashion at YesStyle

With a few strategic wardrobe pieces,there are many trends with a timeless appeal, if you’re looking for some classic yet on-trend pieces that truly transcend generations, the choice is yours to check them out, and shop the looks for yourself to ensure that your wardrobe can be as sustainable as it is gorgeous!

Shop your Favorites at Discounts:

  • Cardigans at up to 50% off
  • Beauty Products to look gorgeous at 50% off
  • Kobeque Floral A-line dress at a savings of 34% @$15.04

Flash Sales

  • Up to 25% off on Fashion Categories
  • Beauty products at 20% off
  • Don’t miss the savings on Lifestyle products @19% off
  • Stock Clearance up to 35% off

Pros & Cons at YesStyle

  • Pick up all the trends where you can scour some substantial savings on your favorite brands for both Men & women
  • To save extra watch out for the coupons & discount offers which are offered in abundance.
  • Easy & convenient shipping terms for its customers.
  • Prices you can trust


  • Continues to target mostly Asians or those who are more inclined towards Asian goods.
  • Does not reach to a larger demographic audience and is still staying true to its roots.
  • Customers face some inaccuracies in product details sometimes.

Fast fashion is here to stay and does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Both Shein and YesStyle have set distinct examples of marketing fast fashion items due to their different demographics and who they are specifically targeting to. Nevertheless, both the stores have got their own share of popularity among the consumers because of their affordable prices, and 10% off on your first order at both the retailers which many people seem to put above the higher quality of the clothes.

Undoubtedly, both Shein & Yesstyle are online Legit Websites that have been a part of the fashion industry for a while now.

So, whether you are shopping for staples or the latest on trends with a gamut of discount offers from time to time by all the leading stores you can never go wrong when shopping from these two stores. For Today’s most daring and edgy fashion apparel you can expect to get great bargains for your home as well as for the whole family as both of these fashion outlets provide you with some great clothing options at insanely low prices for a fulfilling and memorable shopping experience.


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