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Finding a glamour parlor with undisputed baskets of collections is not as easy as we think. The irony is, that people get overburdened with flawed beauty picks in order to grease themselves flawlessly. Cheap beauty bottles and accessories with nasty ingredients are majorly culpable for such consequences. As a counter impact, everyone gets bothered by the much-anticipated question–how to stay out of such problems and find perfect grabs? Heading out to a beauty shop after a profound verification of their products, elementary details, impact, and niches of expertise, probably would be the best answer in this regard. 

Here starts another confusion! How would you even address a store as ‘perfect’ where there are so many alike. In such a situation, take the beauty experts as well as dermatologists’ reviews seriously. And over the last two decades, they have devoted special attention to e.l.f cosmetics and clamored as one of the most trusted beauty houses for mirroring flawless glamorous looks without any negative impact. 

The array of e.l.f showcases a windfall of products that are completely vegan-based and devoid of any harmful chemical substances like silicon, paraben, etc. Rather it soars higher for going herbal and blends all its ingredients with skin-friendly artificial substances to vigor the positive impact for longer. Thus, as the summer is in the midst of its position for this season, let’s peek inside the store, explore its seasonal exclusives and take a smart comparison among all of them.

Quality and best skincare products and makeup items 

The celestial of skin essentials inside e.l.f is ramified as per water content and some essential ingredients such as CBD oil, hyaluronic acid, etc. Each embedded brand under the category reveals abstractness with the elements and maintaining the proportions. Below, a list of trending brands with expertise has been put up. Go through these. 

1. Pure skin collection

An absolute aqua-based collection where H2O is the main ingredient followed by certain herbal droplets, and ceratin water-based chemicals. All inclusions of Pure Skin are bottled up in the form of toner, cleanser, and liquid moisturizer. Each of its products suits all kinds of skin without any irritation or allergy. 

Usage guidelines

Any product of Pure Skin works as a great aider for skin tone reparation and brilliant exfoliation. It removes all kinds of impurities and blemishes from the surface skin and heals the inner glow faster. At the same time, whether toner or a moisturizer, all of them whirl out a gentle cooling effect that subsides burning or itching. 

The best time to use a product of Pure Skin is either morning or night before bed. Start the process with a deep cleansing followed by homogeneous patting with tones and finally massage the whole face with the moisturizer. Keep the eyes and immediate portions away while in the process. 


In the list of major ingredients dominating are oat milk, aloe juice followed by hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and alletaion (for selected products). All the products are without comedogenic and fragrant effects.

2. Jelly Pop

Dreaming of the stunning yet no make-up summer look? Jelly Pop is here at your service. Each of its tubes is a balanced infusion of water, hyaluronic acid, and essential commodities that emphasize your summer glam without shooting any burning impact afterward. The best part is, that all its inclusions are devoid of any heavy makeup ingredients rather full of essential vitamins that boost up skin damage restoration along with enshrouding blemishes, pimples, and facial pits. 

Currently Jelly Pop has marketed its products in the form of primer, facial gloss, cleanser, and moisturizer. All these are apt plumping up the facial glow, keep it well-nourished and impinge a fresh vibe all around the course of flaunting. The best part, is all the products are of fresh watermelon essence which goes perfectly suited to the season.

Usage guidelines

There is no master plan associated with the usage tips. All you’ve to do is keep the face clean and purely washed before patting with a product of it. All its products are without any sticky feeling and can be easily removed at any point in time.


Jelly Pop assimilates its products with both herbal items and skin effective chemicals. Such as aloe juice, citrus zest, Vit A, C, E, hyaluronic acids, various compounds of glycerine, etc.

3. Holy hydration collection

Unlike other brands, Holy Hydration is distinct purely in terms of its ingredients compounds. All products are processed with a consequent amount of hyaluronic acid, followed by certain lab-based proteins, antioxidants, and Vit B12 complex series. 

It decks up its inclusions in cleanser, face pack, eye cream, makeup melting cleansing balm, moisturizer, etc. Together they play distinct and imminent roles in improving skin tones, wiping out dead cells, sebums, residues, and eventually repair as well as open skin pores. Hence, in order to keep your skin well moistured and soft throughout, go ahead with the brand.

Usage guidelines

Since all the Holy Hydration products come in a slurry viscous texture, proper massaging is the initial and utmost step to start with it. Ensure to clean the face thoroughly at first and then gently pat and rub all sensitive as well as normal areas of the face. In case any irritation is felt during usage consult an expert immediately.


Four ingredients hold major concentrations; hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides, niacinamide followed B12 series and other essential products. All these have undergone thorough trials before finally being marketed.

4. The Supers collection

The Supers collection puts its sole emphasis on commodifying makeup products after processing these purely from herbal extracts. A notable amount of citrus zest, papaya extract, and aloe juice is being infused during the formation process. Henceforth, every product impressively works replenishing skin moisture at a quite faster rate. Super products are marshaled into masks, toner, pads, and moisture. All of these are best for summer usage.

Usage guidelines

The best time to use the products is either night or morning. Make sure to be accompanied by the exclusive super hydrated pads while cleansing. And use your fingertips duly massaging the face with its moisturizer.


Major induced ingredients are lemon zest, papaya extracts, alpha hypoxic acids, and various summer fruit extracts.

5. Full Spectrum CBD collection

Dealing with day-to-day fatigue, and stress sometimes seems impossible if you behave nonchalantly with your own lifestyle and personal care. Regular bath, skin exfoliation, and massaging are important as all these methods symbiotically to increase blood circulation. As a result, both the body and mind heal against fatigue and depression. 

e.l.f  CBD collection plays a crucial role in triggering the process. Whether the CBD oil or toner; each of them imitates a significant impact on the body within a few days of usage. And as the CBD extracts are completely paraben and toxin-free the effect gets noted quickly. Currently, CBD products are available in oil, lotion, and cream.

Usage guidelines

Don’t indulge in the methodological steps with CBD products. The usage process separately varies as per the products; oil, moisture, or toner. Hence go through the scripted medical tips over the packet before breaking the seal.


CBD products mainly consist of the Cannabis sativa plant which is further diluted with the group of major essential oils i.e Jojoba oil, argan oil, lavender oil, etc. Since CBD oil is more likely a medical product taking experts’ tips is paramount in this regard. And if any kind of irritation comes up, stop using this immediately.

So, that’s what a terse discourse about e.l.f cosmetics and skincare products. All of these are almost without any negative impact, yet in case any problem appears, especially while using the CBD products, never mind to lend diagnostics’ advice. However, in one sentence, it can be said that e.l.f cosmetics is that outlet which is perfect to head out both for maximalist and minimalist flaunt. So, now the choice is yours now! Enjoy the summer and go for a fresh faded flamboyance instead of those heavy, patchy makeup! 


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