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Meet the outset: New From Scarlett Johansson


When it comes to maintaining a healthy skincare routine most of us get indifferent to the basic tenet–to keep the method simple, easy, and effective. And as a result, we highly mess up with the basics.

To sort the problem and stand in the vicinity with a solution against it, the global face Scarlet Johansson steps ahead by endorsing an exclusive brand ‘The Outset’. Teamed up with the brand’s CEO Kate Foster as co-founder, the brand was debuted last year and finally get marketed in April 2022 exclusively via Sephora. However, nowadays all embedded products of the brand are available on popular marketplaces as well.

At present the brand marshals five inclusions; a vegan collagen prep serum, squalane daily moisturizer, micellar antioxidant cleanser, niacinamide night cream, and Vitamin C eye+ expression lines cream. Each of these boasts replenishing skin hydration with minimal input and costs between $32 to $54. Along with it, these also work impressively against anti-aging and diurnal fatigue. Thereby, let’s drill the details of these products and explore how these can be your most loyal triumphant for fast skin reparation.

The Outset| Exclusive collection

1. Gentle Micellar Antioxidant Cleanser

Price: $32

The gel-based cleanser is made up of micellar water and other essential ingredients such as hyaluroset, several fruit extracts, etc. It’s completely sulfate-free and devoid of any hypoallergenic or related syndrome. The main task of the cleanser is to clean and wipe all kinds of skin impurities, making the skin pores open and eventually letting the skin to be softest and plumpest. The gel is suited to all skin types including sensitive ones. 

How does it work?

The central forte of the cleanser is to clean makeup, dead skin cells, and other residues. Hence, works as a brilliant exfoliator. At the same time, it induces enough moisture to the skin through pores after completion of the cleansing process. The infused micellar water (agglomerated water molecules) helps with the cleansing process while the antioxidants and other substances enhance the skin-softening method. 

Ingredients and roles played by these

Hyaluroset™ Complex: works as an alternative to hyaluronic acid that emphasizes skin nourishing, plumping, and moisturizing. 

Seven-Amino Blend: balances aqua ratio and improves skin texture and homogenization

Antioxidant Fruit-Extract Blend: recuperates from damages and malnutrition 

**Note: all these ingredients are 100% plant-based and do not support any cruel activities while in the process.

How to use?

Use it for daily purposes; morning or evening. Soak the face with tepid water and pat it throughout including the dime areas. Keep the eye lines away duly in the process. Rinse it off thoroughly and desicate the skin. Use collagen serum immediately after it to deter further losing of skin moisture.

2. Firming Vegan Collagen Prep Serum

Price: $46

The collagen prep serum is enriched with hyaluroset complex and several vitamins that effectively combat rough skin texture, and anti-aging. It infuses enough aqua percentage that makes the skin as soft, nourished, and stretchable. It works best against wrinkles, dryness, corrugated skin texture, and cell rigidities. 


Hyaluroset™ Complex: helps the skin to be super soft and plumpest

Vegan Collagen: Is an alternative to modern collagen and boosts the firmness of the skin

Brassica napus Seedcake Extract: the plant extract reduces dark heads, spots, and heals the ingenious glow.

Remember, the product and all the ingredients have proved to be 100% skin-friendly and usable by all skin types.

How to use?

Be accustomed to twice usage of it if affined to witness the better result. Ensure the skin is wiped and clean with the micellar cleanser. Then gently cotton-rub the face with a few drops of it and massage with squalane daily moisturizer immediately after it.

3. Nourishing Squalane Daily Moisturizer

Price: $44

When you’re on a quest for minimalist moisture replenishment cream with impressive and almost promptous effects, the squalane daily moisturizer of The Outset would be the best recommendation. It works aptly to hold skin hydration nonstop for 12 hours without any disruption. Due to being imbued with different important vitamins the moisturizer keeps the skin well-touted with moisture and beams out a continuous glow.


Hyaluroset™ Complex: effective to nourish and heal the skin with sufficient moisture 

Squalane: works as a barrier against moisture loss 

Edelweiss Extract: enriched with Vit-C powder which enhances the brightening impact and repairs cell damage.

All the products are gluten-free and come in a recyclable packaging

How to use?

Ensure a dual usage of the moisturizer, preferably in the morning and night. Don’t hard press with your palm and massage across all the contour lines of your face with gentle rubbing. For a better result get accompanied by Vit-C+ express lines eye cream.

4. Restorative Niacinamide Night Cream

Price: $54

Some of you may aware that the best time to initiate the skin healing process is–the night. Because just like your brain your body too gets long exposure to rest without any interruption. Thus while you’re intending to restore your facial glow through better treatment and care, set the alarm for the night before bed. And to hasten the healing process further,  pick the niacinamide night cream of The Outset. It’s exclusively infused with niacinamide that indeed veils up your skin with a smooth layer and eventually heals the stretchability of the cells. Once again the product can be used for all kinds of skins and is devoid of any allergenic syndrome.


Hyaluroset™ Complex: preoccupies attention to moisture retention and maintaining the balance

Niacinamide: enhances texture for both skin and pore texture

Bakuchiol: effectively deters and treats hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles

How to use?

Strictly use it at night on daily basis. Directly apply on the clean, and dry face.

5. Smoothing Vitamin C Eye + Expression Lines Cream

Price: $42

Pampering your eyes is paramount if you wish to be an owner of healthy eyesight for an older phase of your life. The harmful digital rays, pollution, and so many other regular nuisances impact eye health on a daily basis that not just hinder healthy eyesight but at the same time pricks up some other issue as well namely, creating eye wrinkles, dark circles, etc.

However, with Vit-C eye+ expression lines cream of The Outset, the problem seems to stand on the verge. It comes in a liquid blended form of vitamins, oils, and essential elements that deters eye wrinkles and dark circles and gradually improves eye health. 


Ascorbyl Glucoside: is a water-soluble form of Vit-C that revitalizes the skin at a faster rate 

Irish Moss: provides skin-nourishing minerals, polysaccharides, and micronutrients. Along with these two elements, a certain percentage of hyaluroset complex is also been dissolved inside the bottle.

How to use?

Clean your face first. Then apply it around the eye circle with a gentle hand and pat it very softly.

So, just like the star actress Scarlet Johansson you too imitate the path of the skinimalist (skin+minimalist) yet effective skin treatment. Try The Outshot and witness the result by yourself. Happy glowing. 


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