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KFC’s new marketing slogan


KFC’s new marketing slogan. After months (likely years), KFC is tearing apart its old “unthink” slogan and embracing a new brand, This simple, straight-to-the-point, echoes ideas about good taste, rolls your tongue and can be easily linked to food and eating. For almost all the reasons I chose it as the name of my blog about 3 years ago.

People are e-mailing me to flat out, “Isn’t KFC shutting you down?” Maybe. But hey, no one really dibbes completely on the phrase. Now for over 3-5 years I have been suggesting that this is the perfect phrase to embrace as a slogan for a fast food company. I mean, how hard is it to realize that is a great slogan for a restaurant? Anyone can find out that all by themselves:

The tagline is the result of the joint efforts of Ogilvy, Sydney; Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London; And DraftFCB, Chicago.

Oh, is that so. OK then. I think it was not just a fast fellow who understood it by himself. Imagine an entire advertising agency of the most creative thinkers. Still not complete. It took not one agency, not two agencies, but three agencies. Yikes. Well at least through the common sense and dedication logic common to the people of these agencies, it was clear that is a great slogan, and they don’t need to be fed the idea by consumers:

The tagline emerged in focus groups when lapsed customers tasted the product and said, “That’s great.”

Oh, is that so. I am looking. I think they needed to be considered with a spoon. I’m guessing that people have made other comments in those focus groups, such as: “Mmmmm” or “Yummy.” Some people may have said, “It’s really greasy” or possibly even, “Do people really still eat dirt out of the bucket?”

It is amazing that the collective minds of these three agencies navigated many potential land mines and managed to emerge inconsistent with the idea for a slogan. I mean hey, one wrong comment on a meditation group and they were close to proposing, “KFC: Our shit is in the bucket!” Or maybe the hyperactive focus group leader “We’ve Got the Bucket Kids!” You kind of ask the question “Who are the ad magicians who came up with this one?”

So, did Slogan change, KFC’s fifth year changed in that many years? KFC has certainly failed to keep its name in the news over the past year, such as the promotion of Free Grilled Chicken, the debacle surrounding the Oprah Grilled Chicken coupon, allegations of racist advertisements and the unveiling of Double Down. The problem is that despite all the media coverage, people simply do not want to buy KFC food, as same-store sales fell 4% last year, with competitors like Chick-fil-A and El Pollo Loco eating into the market share of KFC. Continue.

So will the new slogan work? Who knows. But as an outspoken lover of the phrase, it is an honor to know that KFC has earned a place on the board. We here at Good Good are eagerly awaiting royalty checks which should roll in KFC soon. If you do not have my direct deposit information, just email me.


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