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10 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities That You Never Want To Miss


10 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities: While the season of love is buzzing around and reminding us of the immediate arrival of Valentine’s day, you must have picked down the notebook on your study desk for rostering the list of activities you want to do. Here the good news comes. Put a full stop to the struggle of enlisting the fun you want to keep special for the day. Below, we’ve comprised 10 fun activities that will indeed brace the day of love very special and make it memorable. 

1. Enjoy A DIY Home Decor & Stay Home Celebration

Nothing is more fun than a DIY project. Be it a home decoration, interior setup or home fix, any type of immense DIY activity unveils immense fun. Therefore, for the stake of the day you both let your home look gracious. Decorate with lights, and ornamental objects, and celebrate a stay-home celebration.

2. Go For An Early Morning Walk

This would be more joyous if you reside in a snowy, alpine area. As the season of cherry blossoms start germinating with the advent of valentine’s day a fresh early morning walk would shower special charm on the day.

3. Play Each Other Favourite Songs & Read Love Poems

The whole world of love and romance is a fantasy world of poetry and soulfulness. And its flows remain perennial through all ages. Thus, it’s miserable to imagine this beautiful day without poems and songs. So, play each other favourite songs and read poems to each other.

4. Cook Together

It’s a humble suggestion to all young couples and mature couples to take a day off on the day, in case you guys are keen to refuel your relationship. Then spend some quality time inside the kitchen. Cook each other favourite meals, bake some desserts and munch together.

5. Make A Scrapbook Of Your Relationship

After walking over the long road of your relationship, take a hiatus and spend some time in retrospecting the ways you two have come across such a long way. And make a scrapbook sitting on the floor. Don’t forget to drag your partner’s hand turning this activity into a combined effort.

6. Dance It Out

Maybe learning Tango, is there in between you two’s hearts for a long time. So, it’s time transforming the desire into a reality. Join a dance class together and start picking the beats. Trust me, you will love it.

7. Go For A Trek To The Nearby Hills

Now, this may give a little pain to your body but when it ends the bliss you will feel is just inexplicable. Therefore, let the body gets tired and have some cramps also but pick this up as a challenge and step out of the house.

8. Arrange A Dinner To The Local Orphanage Or Old Home

Do some social work. In fact, it feels really good after doing charity work, isn’t it? So, if your quest is to enjoy different types of valentine’s day activities keep it on the list. Arrange a dinner at a local orphanage or old home and spend the whole evening there. When love has no language why don’t you turn these fellows as your valentine for the day? So, cheers to your endeavour. 

9. Attend A Wine Appreciation Class

If there is a vineyard nearby your house or there isn’t still you can put this idea on your bucket list. Attend a public or private wine appreciation class and learn the nodes of being a perfect connoisseur. 

10. Spa & Massage Each Other Body

Now, this is not a random job. You may require some knowledge to make it happen. Therefore, watch some video tutorials in your free space if t something like this is whirling in your mind as a special treat for the day. Understand the body stature, contours, curves, and pressure points. Playing for each other body massage is a truly impressive game if you have a decent knowledge of corpus synergy and behaviour. Else, you can take it from a professional spa centre. 

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So, sound interesting? Therefore, put the ideas into your bucket that you love most. Enjoy and have fun to the fullest on Valentine’s day and other days.


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