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Dickies Vs Berne Vs Tough Duck: Who Nails Better With Excellent Workwear Collection?


Being picky with workwear apparel, especially for those who deal with dust, stones, and construction every day is precedent since the advent of the Industrial Revolution. Luckily Americans took this issue cautiously right after deciphering the underlying concern. Which is why today, a slew of outlets excelling in workwear apparel flashed up just in a single click. But the irony bubbles up somewhere else. Although there is no dearth of such brands, however pinpointing the premier ones from the list is flabbergasting. Good news, we have appeared with an impressive result in order to settle down your concern. Below we’ve compiled three brands or outlets namely Dickies, Berne and Tough Duck which have been accepted as the leader for workwear apparel over a century and carried out a comprehensive analysis among these. Henceforth, spare some time with us and get rid of possible confusion.  

Dickies Vs Berne Vs Tough Duck: A Historical Account on Origin & Emphasis on Apparel Industry

Considering time and history, Dickies, Berne and Tough Duck all these three stores have made a legacy for near about a century. In other words, it can also be said that all these brands have made cornerstones in the workwear industry. Now to answer the possible definite questions— how what and why you have to take a traverse to their historical account. 


Founded exactly 101 years ago, Dickies started its journey as a tiny Texas apparel company, emphasizing knitting endurant bib overalls. As time flew by, the company expanded its periphery and clasps on several other categories such as pants, workwear shirts, accessories, etc. In brief, from serving in World Wars to the modern workforce, Dickies have crossed a long way, which eventually has brought itself fame and name as an outstanding outlet for workwear appeal.


Like Dickies Berne has also strived on the same enterprise and built its first infrastructure back in 1915. However, despite propelling attention to relevant niches, Berne has kept its attention fixed only on the workwear closet from the beginning. Henceforth, today is one of the prominent astounding house for hardcore workwear clothing and uniform. Its categories of expertise have crossed all hardlines of mediocrity and are sole enough to take your mind away with quality and sturdiness. 

Tough Duck

As compared to the stores above Tough Duck is apparently new and is of 80 years old. It was founded by Abraham Rich, a European immigrant. The industry initially scooped out the path as a small fabric cutter but gradually evolved and today curated its own grace. However, besides being a steadfast factory to weave ultra-quality workwear, Tough Duck has proved enough delicacy on outerwear as well. Thus, simultaneously with excellent bib pants and overalls, there are flair chances to be lulled by out-of-the-box outdoor activity apparel.

Dickies Vs Berne Vs Tough Duck: Take A Close Enclosure to Workwear Classics & Collaborations

While Dickies, Berne, and Tough Duck all three endurant apparel industries have excelled in their potencies irrespective of all certain scepticism however each store subtly yet distinctly varies from each of their fortes. Paying serious concern to this factor we’ve highlighted certain differences which additionally bolster their uniqueness. Here these are.

Pants & Shorts

Without overstretching the discourse simply delve inside and gauge through the pivotal discussion.

Dickies Pants & Shorts: An artisan or a blue-collar worker whose choices of clothes intricate more around endurances they would fall Dickies is easy to anticipate without any surprise. From bib pants to flex pants to Dickies exclusive Original 874 pants, Dickies engages itself with the venture of relentless upgradation. Thus, today a wide catalogue of pants and shorts has been possible to make regardless of any difficulties. However, popular Dicikies pants include Original 874, Cargo, Carpenter, Double Knee, Work Pants, Painter Pants, Skateboarding Pants, and even jeans. The same style is well observed for shorts although with fewer variations. 

Berne Pants & Shorts: In comparison with Dickies, Berne’s is not as flair as Dickies considering its pants’ collections. Furthermore, as an add-on to this, men’s wardrobe is more voluminous than women’s. In terse, major collections of pants include carpenter, flame-resistant, ripstop, insulated, and jeans. Side by side it is well equipped with a decent stock of shorts as well. 

Tough Duck Pants & Shorts: Albeit upfront more as an outdoor apparel outlet, Tough Duck has made a separate fan base for work pants and shorts. These are further divulged as per vibrant working niches. Some popular pants are as follows double-front work pants, camo flex duck duty utility pants, expandable waist flat twill pants, ripstop technical snow pants, and vice-versa. The fabrics and endorsed qualities are beyond extraordinary that’s no hard to imagine.

Coveralls & Overalls

To no one’s surprise, all these stores would mesmerize shoppers with phenomenal collections, is easy to predict. Thus let’s straight slide into the topic and spot the types of features that persuade them as unique. 

Dickies Coveralls & Overalls: Being started as an overall bib maker, Dickies still keeps bibs on the frontline after aceing on all relevant categories. Therefore, despite all sorts of confusion, it is clear that Dickies has proved an enormous craftmanship on bib pants and other overalls. Followed by overalls other significant attire of such kinds include shortfalls and coveralls. Keep in mind that women’s galore is a bit more well-stuffed than men’s.

Berne Coveralls & Overalls: Coveralls at Berne are more concentrated around bib pants. Whether for women or men, a bib pant from Berne is beyond questionable and so is the quality. However, another striking feature of its bib pants is that Berne strides to make an intriguing infusion between quality and style for such pants. Thus whether at a workstation or on a normal day out Berne is always on with flaunt! 

Tough Duck Coveralls & Overalls: Likewise Berner and Dickies, Tough Duck’s bib pants rack is illuminated with superiority. Inside the array, the bib pants can be picked as per any kind of work set-up. For example, the list of most recommended bib pants includes deluxe unlined bib overall, insulated bib overall, safety rain bib overall, insulated ripstop safety overall, and vice-versa.    

Shirts & Jackets

Likewise, other categories, shirts, jackets, coats, and pullovers have also dragged significant attention. We’ve garnered central attributes of these and then revealed them in a comparative list format. Here you go. 

Dickies Shirts & Jackets: Besides regular construction outfits, Dickies has also expanded its periphery through debouching quality outdoor apparel and accessories. However, these are not as wide as a typical outdoor wear outlet. Chunky collections are equally distributed among arrays of coats, jackets, hoodies, shirts, t-shirts, shirt jackets, flannels, and vests.

Berne Shirts & Jackets: Unlike shirts or similar apparel Berne has a vigorous stockpile of jackets and coats. Followed by this, there is an immense collection of sweatshirts, vests, pullovers, and more. The best part out of all is that Berne behaves absolutely while stockpiling this section despite being detained by gender and age bars. This means the whole array can be well deplored by men, women, and kids.

Tough Duck Shirts & Jackets: There are indeed plethoras of reasons to be spellbound after unfurling a glance inside the deck of jackets at Tough Duck. Needless to say that the credit goes to its remarkable weaving dexterity. However, the Tough Duck or Duck jackets are further classified into three more categories namely parkas and jackets, rain jackets, and shirt jackets.

Exclusive Creation

Last but not least, finally it’s time to draw the concluding remark of this part by highlighting the exclusive section. Now keep in mind that each of the three stores is captive in distinct exclusive creation. A glimpse of these has been revealed below.

Dickies Collections: Dickies is very vocal about its path-breaking creation from the beginning. Thus from the very early phase, Dickies has been overwhelming critiques with exceptional collections. The most eye-catchy collections include Dickies 874 icon pants, Dickies flex pants, Dickies bib overalls, etc.

Berne’s Unique Product Categories: Unlike Dickies Berne cajoles shoppers’ attention by the name of its unique product category. These are gloriously addressed as vintage line, Hi Vis, Big & Tall, Camo, coastline rain gear, etc.

Tough Duck Spl. Safety Assurance: Tough Duck has been gaining customers’ trust without a hiatus by enabling constant safety assurance. Being vowed to design tailor-made apparel for manufacturing and real-time field workers Tough Duck never ever behaved filthy to refute its vow. Thus, each of its apparel distinctly passes through safety cautions and measures.

Dickies Vs Berne Vs Tough Duck: Additional Compariosal Measures

When it comes to workwear brands, Dickies, Berne, and Tough Duck stand out as industry leaders, offering durable and functional products. Thereby despite the major comparisons above we’ve tried to cast the attention to the overlooked or ignored sections as well. We’ve picked up three parameters and carried out the analysis in the best way possible. Let’s hope, duly reading you will be able to delineate a reasonable impact of this section as well. 

Price Competitiveness

Dickies leads the pack with its remarkable price competitiveness. Their extensive range of workwear products is not only affordable but also maintains a high standard of quality. Dickies ensures that customers can access reliable and durable workwear without breaking the bank. Berne occupies the mid-range category, providing exceptional value for the price, striking a perfect balance between affordability and long-lasting performance. Tough Duck, known for its premium quality, offers workwear that delivers exceptional durability, albeit at a slightly higher price point.

Size and Fitting Assurance

All three outlets excel in providing size and fitting assurance, ensuring that customers find the perfect fit for their workwear needs. Dickies and Berne offer an impressive array of sizes, including regular, tall, and plus sizes, guaranteeing a comfortable fit for individuals of various body types. They provide detailed size charts to assist customers in making informed decisions. Tough Duck prides itself on offering generous and relaxed fits, ideal for those who prefer a looser style while maintaining superior comfort.

Safety Measures

When it comes to safety, all three stores prioritize the well-being of their customers by incorporating essential safety measures into their workwear. Dickies, Berne, and Tough Duck prioritize durability, reinforced stitching, and employ high-quality fabrics to ensure their products withstand demanding work environments. They meet or exceed safety regulations, such as ANSI and CSA standards, providing peace of mind to workers in hazardous settings. Notably, Tough Duck’s heavy-duty workwear is renowned for offering exceptional protection in the most challenging work environments.

Shipping & Return Policies

To ensure a seamless customer experience, all three brands have established transparent shipping and return policies. Dickies, Berne, and Tough Duck provide online shopping options with clearly defined shipping policies, including estimated delivery times and tracking features. In terms of returns, each brand has their own policies, typically allowing returns within a specified timeframe, as long as the product remains in its original condition. Customers are encouraged to review the specific policies of each brand before making a purchase to make an informed decision.

Shopping-Upfront Rewards and Additional Perks

In addition to their quality workwear, Dickies, Berne, and Tough Duck offer enticing shopping-upfront rewards and additional perks to enhance the overall customer experience. Dickies regularly runs promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs to reward their customers for their continued support. Berne occasionally includes complimentary gifts or accessories with purchases, adding extra value to their products. Meanwhile, Tough Duck, as a premium brand, may provide extended warranties or exclusive benefits for loyal customers, further elevating the overall ownership experience.

In the end, it’s better to conclude by establishing that all three brands; Dickies, Berne, and Tough Duck have their own strengths and weakness. The same goes to explain their forte and diversities. While Dickies’ forte caters to a wide selection of bib pants, Berne attracts shoppers for its heightened and unique categories while Tough Duck impresses shoppers by affirming ultimate safety assurance. Taking the notions of distinctiveness as well as the differences of all these three stores would be the most effective suggestions to gauge their excellence. Henceforth, never mind peeping your head down to each or any of them whenever there is a need. Happy working. Enjoy.


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