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Datacamp Vs Codecademy: Major Differences To Consider in 2023


Datacamp Vs Codeacademy: Technological revolution is the one which has explosively changed the world with intense impact. And data seats in its core. From daily life to professional space, the importance of data has increased to such a degree that today even a basic task can’t be accomplished without its help. Thus whether for professional upskilling to better management of personal endeavour roles of data is utmost.

Here the problem arises. Understanding the gravity of data and its impact on livelihoods, myriads of data learning websites are coming up every single day. Most of these learning platforms showcase their expertise in a wide niche including language development, hastening programming skills, and various dimensions of data science and analysis. So, spotting the correct one from the plunge of analogous platforms, appear to be a baffling task at times. Therefore, to trim your effort with a better envisaging way out we’ve selected the best two platforms out of them and outlined a profound comparison between them. So, let’s go through and find out who is better which and even if, why?

Datacamp Vs Codecademy: Know The Basics From The Scratch

Datacamp and Codecademy, both are preeminent online platforms for data learning and have impressive followers base. Although the base podium of their growth encircles the same principle i.e. educating people with versatile approaches to data and escalating their skills without any loophole, still there are subtle differences between these two. We’ve put them into gist in the bottom description. Take a look.


Founded as a paramount educational platform for understanding data science with better approaches and supporting learning to enhance analytical skills, Datacamp caters to a radar of subjects classified into two major categories; programming languages and various niches of data science namely data analysis, data engineering, data visualization, followed by relevant courses as per contemporary professional world such as machine learning, AI learning, and so on. 

While in the library of programming learning a bandwidth of newly debugged languages such as R, Ruby, etc are inserted with the popular courses including SQL, Python, JAVA, Power BI, etc the catalogue exclusively for data science is also overwhelmingly refreshed with all possible kinds of subjects. Further to this, the programs under data science replicate a fine classification and make separate niches with data analysis, data manipulation, data engineering, importing and cleaning data, and so on. In brief, Datacamp appears like a complete classroom to the learners, covering all possible spectrums of both data and coding. Hence, it spells out an engaging appeal to both students and professional learners. Apart from individual learners, the courses can be accessed for business purposes also. Lastly, Datacamp segregates its course bundles into beginner, intermediate, and advanced formats as per learners’ potencies. 

From its personal archive, the number of registered learners to date is 11 million, spreaded over 180+ countries and taught by 3000+ expert academics and 2500+ global leading companies like Google, Microsoft, etc.


Unlike Datacamp, Codecademy is a bit focused. Hence, the arrays in its library are mainly added with a wide range of coding languages; ranging from freshly released to popular ones. Besides languages, Codecademy also includes some popular subjects within its forte which too align with coding and computer programming. 

Popular courses of coding languages offered by Codecademy are Bash, C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Go, HTML, Python, PHP, R, etc. Similarly, most on-demand subjects are AI, Cloud Computing, Code Foundations, Cybersecurity, DevOps, Game Development, IT, etc. Followed by these code-centric subjects, Codecademy proves impressive efficacy in certain fields of data science, data analysis, cyber security, math, and so on. 

In order to gain intense trust from the learners and elucidate its working map, Codeacadmey divides its courses into three categories; Basic which is free of cost, Pro and Plus charging $17.49 and $29.99 per month respectively. However, for immense potency on acening vibrant alcoves of coding courses, Codecademy is registered with 50 million global learners across 190+ countries and with a total of 3.7 billion unique code submits or code creations.

Which Is Better Datacamp Vs Codecademy? In terms of Top Course Bundles

As the principle forte of these two learning platforms has already been revealed above yet for a quick revision, be clear about one thing i.e., Datacamp is for all-purpose IT enthusiasts which clubs both programming and data science courses, whereas Codeacadmey is particularly affined to coding languages and select data science courses. However, the exclusive expertise of these two platforms has been tabulated below in detail.

Top Datacamp Courses For 2023

The catalogue of courses offered by Datacamp is classified into 3 sub-categories namely programming and coding languages, popular data science courses, and certification courses. Know what among each course plunge hauls maximum popularity.

I. Top Datacamp Web Development Courses: 

These are Python, SQL, R, Power BI, Tableau, Tidyverse, Excel, Spreadsheet, dplyr, scala, git, Django, HTML, Javascript, Java++, etc. Explore the full list here.

II. Top Data Courses: 

Trending courses include data analysis, data science, statistic, data engineering, data visualization, data literacy, machine learning, applied finances, and so on.

III. Top Certification Courses

The certification courses are provided for data analysis and data science courses. Popular of these are data management, statistical experimentation, data visualization, analytical fundamentals, etc.

Top Codecademy Courses

As the name suggests, the major course chunks of Codecademy are centralised into various niches of coding languages and a few data sciences, take a sneak peek at the underneath detailing.

I. Top Codeacademy Web Development Courses

These are Bash, C, C++, Java, Javascript, Go, C#, HTML & CSS, Kotlin, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, SQL, and Swift. All these are available for Basic, Plus, and Pro, all three programmes. 

II. Top Other Courses

AI, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, DevOps, Developer Tools, Math, Web Development, Web Design, Mobile Development, Data Science, Data Analyst, Data Visualization, etc.

Which is Better Datacamp Vs Codecademy? In terms of Pricing Plans & Latest Deals

Before enrolling on a course on any of these learning platforms, learners should be clear about the pricing plans which vary as per individual access and business enterprises. With this, special offers to students are also provided at times. Therefore, take a quick glance at the competitive price facts. 

Datacamp Deals| Top Courses & PlansCodecademy Deals| Top Courses & Plans
Basic: Free of cost
Selection to 6 courses
– Professional & job board access
– Upgradation to earn certificates
Basic: Free of cost
– Access to available courses
– Wide learning resources
– Feasible community support
Premium: $12.42/month
Access to the full content library
– Valid certifications 
Spl. access to Python, SQL, R, etc
Plus: $17.49/month
– All perks of Basic courses
– Mobile-friendly access support
– Unlimited access to content & quizzes
Teams: $25/month
– License management tools
– Regular tracking of learning activity
– Access to the full content library 
Pro: $29.99/month
– All perks of Basic+ Plus
– Valid certifications
– Skill enhancement training & guidance
Unlock Datacamp DealsUnlock Codeacademy Deals

A Quick Revision | Codecademy Vs Datacamp | Major Differences

1. Datacamp offers both data science and programming courses related to data analytics/ Codecademy is more into offering courses on coding languages and select data science courses.

2. The courses from Datacamp are available for individuals, universities, and enterprises/ whereas Codecademy releases special courses for students as well apart from individuals and business enterprises.

3. Both Datacamp and Codecademy avail free trials before actual courses. However, Codecademy unlocks a special deal for students as well.

4. Datacamp is the best solution for those seeking overall IT knowledge escalation whereas Codecademy is perfectly recommended for enthusiasts striving to be master coding experts.

FAQs| Codeacademy Vs Datacamp Or Datacamp Vs Codeacademy

Q. Is Datacamp Free?

A. Yes, Datacamp offers free subscription to select courses such as Power BI, Python, ChatGPT, Advanced Excel, SQL, and so on. The corresponding users are required to enrol at Datacamp with a valid email address and relevant credentials.

Q. Can Datacamp Get You A Job?

A. With highly structured courses and advanced teaching cum training methodologies, Datacamp assures learners to land jobs with all big corporate leaders like Facebook, Amazon, EY, Google, Microsoft, etc, However, in order to land a job inside Datacamp’s personal portal if you have to keep yourself updated with its personal job board.

Q. How Do I Unlock A Datacamp Deal by Investing Minimum Time?

A. Cracking as well as deploring a Datacamp deal is a matter of a few steps only. All you have to do is to be acquainted with some essential steps. These are as follows

  • First, register at Datacamp with the required needfuls
  • Second, choose a subscription plan either as Free or Datacamp Premium
  • Third, look for any specific Datacamp promo code, if any
  • Fourth, complete the transaction and start learning

Q. What Are The Codeacademy Deals Released In Recent Times?

A. Codecademy keeps revamping its deal pages all the time. So, to grab the latest ones you have to alert with it. For example, the latest Codecademy deals include ChatGPT tutorials, Java, C#, SQL, R, etc. As an extra piece of information, do keep in mind that Codecademy also releases both free and paid plans.

Q. Is Codeacademy Really Worth It?

A. Yes, Codecademy really worth its value. Especially, Codecademy Pro which will help you not only to groom professional skills but at the same time helps to land your dream job at you dream company.

Suggested reading:

With this, I hope a clear idea about Datacamp and Codecademy has been established. I wish now you’ve deciphered the consequences and are able to select the platform as per your requirement. Keep learning and enjoy!


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