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7 best affordable European Island Holiday Packages From eSky You Must Enlist For Summer Itinary Bucketlist


Cheap Island Holiday Packages For Summer From eSky: summer is just next door. So, in the mood of hitchhiking out of 4 walls? Well then, butter coat your desire to wander as much as you can as summer is indeed the best time to pamper your wanderlust. And this eSky takes a generous initiative by unjotting a thick spectrum of summer holiday packages at jaw-dropping budgets. And the best part— guess what? It reveals a list of the 7 best islands across European coasts that you’re yet to cover. So, what are you waiting for? Mark the calendar and start planning early.

7 Cheap European Islands To Visit In Summer

1. Alghero| Italy

Catalans have everything to win your heart it sets to roam for a realm that makes a mesmerizing infusion between history and topography. Alghero is exactly that place you must keep special for summer. From ruined alleys to calm, enchanting beaches you will witness a little glimpse of paradise on this small Sardian island. Whether alone or with family Alghero will never bore you unfolding a beautiful diary for you. With walking step-in-step with history never forget to relish local cuisines and country wine.

Packages Offered By eSky

Although the best time to visit Alghero is between September and October, the holiday packages from eSky are split into April and September. Below, the details have been revealed.

  • eSky Alghero April Package: April 11,  7 nights+ 8 days, 1751 zloty, from Katowice
  • eSky Alghero September Package: Sept 29, 10 nights+ 11 dyas, 2990 zloty, from Warsaw

2. Larnaca| Cyprus

If your summer vacation paces up with three basic principles; sand, sea, and sun Larnaca is the ideal place to land. Being thoroughly sea-locked and circular coastal fringes, what you call a perfect ‘sun-bath and sea-tanned’ would straight be gifted by this tiny island. Besides, relaxing on the golden beaches, the places welcome you with plenty of other fun roaming including a visit to the beautiful churn Agios Lazaros, ruins of Larnaca fort, an underwater dive, and of course the beautiful sunset. So, obviously, you must keep this place under notice for an upcoming holiday escape.

Packages Offered By eSky

Fall is the best time to visit Larnaca. However, eSky split the exclusive package into four parts and two seasons.

  • Larnaca April Package From Wroclaw: April 15, 7 nights, 1 677 zloty
  • Laranace April Package From Gdansk: April 09, 8 nights, 1940 zloty
  • Larnaca April Package From Katowice: April 10, 9 nights, 1979 zloty
  • Laranca May Pacakge From Warsaw: May, 10, 14 nights, 2768 zloty

3. Santorini| Greece

The land of deep blue ocean creek and a town painted with white and blue, Santorini is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the whole of Greece polynesia for its spectacular beauty and natural abstract. While onside deep creeks with rugged step hilly spurs on both sides take your breath away, on the other side the tiny town with soulful and amicable people all around appeases your soul with tranquillity.

Packages Offered By eSky

While March and early June are addressed as the best time, considering the aspect of the crowd eSky let the package be activated in mid-summer without breaking the on-season spell. Here are these

  • Santorini July Package From Gdansk: July 05, 7 nights, 8 197 zloty
  • Santorini August Package From Krakow: Aug 25, 7 nights, 7 573 zloty
  • Santorini October Package From Warsaw: Oct 06, 7 nights, 5 944 zloty

4. Majorca| Spain

If you lean toward a tranquil summer holiday escape, Majorca can placid your mind with exactly what you need. This tiny island of Spain is full of natural gems and historic remnants. While deep blue oceans with step limestone are real natural wonders, the historical Moorish Almudiana palace, and ruins of Roman empires would take you on a time travel to the era of 27 BC.

Packages Offered By eSky

Led by a typical Mediterranean climate, the perfect time of visiting Majorica falls between June to September. But eSky unties a special surprise for the tourists. Therefore, offers a 4-tier bundle.

  • Majorica April Packages From Katowice: April 09, 7 nights, 2 223 zloty
  • Majorica April Packages From Wroclaw: April 10, 7 nights, 2 287 zloty
  • Majorica April Packages From Poznan: April 16, 7 nights, 2 294 zloty
  • Majorica April Packages From Warsaw: April 14, 10 nights, 2 711 zloty

5. Malta| Malta

Being one most famous French polynesia, Malta is known as an island with picturesque landscapes and diverse ethnicity. While old Roman fortifications remind of a typical European imperial domination, ancient megaliths would whisper about some other ethnicities and primordial catholic temples bespeak for another ethnic trait that fixed its root prolonged back. Therefore, Malta is an island with glory and natural treasure.

Packages Offered By eSky

The ideal time for visiting Malta falls between early June to September. However, eSky divides the packages between April and May. Here are these.

  • Malta April Packages From Warsaw: April 18, 7 nights, 2 861 zloty
  • Malta April Packages From Katowice: April 07, 7 nights, 2 911 zloty
  • Malta April Packages From Gdansk: April 20, 7 nights, 3 030 zloty
  • Malta May Packages From Poznan: May 25, 7 nights, 3 039 zloty
  • Malta May Packages From Wroclaw: May 16, 9 nights 3 959 zloty

6. Funchal| Portugal

Funchal is the capital of the Madeira archipelago of Portugal. The small harbour town is popular for its scenic beauty. Interlocked by hills on all sides and elongated coastal lines, Funchal is a holiday gateway for those who love to be sun-soaked in the lap of nature. So, Funchal could be a family travel destination under budget.

Packages Offered By eSky

Although the best time for visiting Funchal starts in August. eSky offers its exclusive Funchal holiday package for October. 

  • Funchal October Package From Katowice: October 14,  7 nights,  3 305 zloty
  • Funchal October Package From Warsaw: October 15, 10 nights, 4 024 zloty

7. Kos| Greece

If your 2023 travel planner focuses on enlisting holiday islands with abundant ruins, do try Kos any time you want. This tiny island of the Greek archipelago is popular for its abundant sandy beaches and numerous Greek and Roman landmarks of the 15th century. Besides this, plenty of ancient Agora ruins, temples, and remnants of ancient shrines are scattered throughout the island. Moreover, it favors touring the whole summer.

Packages Offered By eSky

In terms of seasonal peakiness, the time for visiting Kos ranges from July to August. And keeping this fact in mind eSky puts forth a bundle of offers starting from 3 198 zlotych.

Why Should You Plan Your Next Holiday Gateway With eSky? 4 Quick Facts

Now, it’s quite a common question as there are myriads of similar travel websites. Well, we’ve figured out the top 4 reasons among all. These are as follows.

1. Cheap Travel Deals

Whether flight tickets, hotel bookings or complete travel deals including car rentals, eSky always strives to be convenient in terms of accessibility and affordability. Teaming with more than 100 national and international airlines and thousands of staycations of multiple kinds, eSky keeps on releasing affordable deals and travel packages all year round.

2. Innovative & Offbeat Travel Places

Landing up a known, popular travel spot is a simple game. But eSky twists the idea adding a new dimension. So, on its travel planner and destinations it devotes a serious focus to finding out offbeat places across Poland and the world outside.

3. Excellent Tourists’ Safety Guidebook

Be it inside the country or an outside place far from it, eSky assures excellent safety and security to tourists during the vaccination.

4. Impressive Travel Insurance

This includes accidental coverage, theft, and international plight with a genuine promise of refund and customer comfort.

So, this was all about the top 7 summer holiday escapes across European coasts from eSky. You can explore more apart from these. Cherish your wanderlust and step out for the wild unknown world whenever there is a chance.


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