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Spending time with books and reading these is indeed the best hobby–cherished over centuries. Albeit, due to the prepondering influence of social media and the highly busy life schedule we’ve been much indifferent to the habit but honestly we should repossess it. Because books are the principle resources to enrich wisdom and knowledge. In this context, online book stores play a crucial role. For honestly, rifting out free space just to attend a bookstore physically seems just idiosyncratic these days. Henceforth is the rise of online bookstores. 

However, from the superfluous numer of online bookstores, sometimes it becomes very baffling to select and fix the one as per personal feeds. And to trim your trouble top 3 names have been recommended. Go through an all-around overview about them including both positive and negative feedback.

Top three online book stores in the USA?

1. Abebooks

Best for: old and antidullivian books, manuscripts, collectibles

If your taste in books matches more with classics and antiquarian scripting styles, Abebooks would undoubtedly be the best recommendation. Since 1996, the store serving every alcove of the world with its library of rare and old books. 

The central expertise of the store is to collect and pile rare, and antique books which are marshaled into three categories–first edition, signed copies, and original binding styles. Despite this, the store also collects old and used books. The main genre of its collection is imparted into mythology, magic, theology, classic literature, pamphlets, graphic novels, and comics. Side by side, the store also showcases a brilliant collection of antique art collectibles such as newspaper cuttings, film ephemera, etc. The store also creates a special rack for ancient manuscripts, and inscriptions as well.

The total pile of books surpasses the range of millions as per its present archival data and the number of countries under its service is 50. All these countries are tied up with its trusted and loyal seller teams that propagated across the world. Hence, an art enthusiast, history professor, archeologist, or just a passionate reader–whatever you are to meet all kinds of your curiosities about old tomes, or classic literature, the store is the best choice.


  1. Immense archives of antique books, tomes, art, and collectibles
  2. Reasonable price tags for most of the collections
  3. Advance searching catalog to customize browsing
  4. Trustworthy delivery system via independent sellers
  5. Shoppers can also sell their books via the platform


  1. Not very decent collection of new books
  2. Refund process is quite lagged and can take up to 30 days
  3. Only select countries receive the service

2. Book Depository

Best for: contemporary literature

If your taste in reading knots up with the contemporary style and niche then stepping inside the Book Depository would be a wise decision. The UK-based retailer gets crowned as one of the premier international book retailers within a tiny timespan. With a total collection of more than 20 million books, presently the store serves over 170 countries along with availing a multitude of payment options that are available in 37 currencies. 

The main forte of the Book Depository is enkindling both classic and contemporary literature. It also crafts a special alcove for global best sellers. The segregation of niches can be done as per author, fiction, non-fiction, biographical, literary prize based, and so forth. The store has started stocking special literature series to support LGBTQ as well. Despite English, the collections are available in other 6 languages–Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, German, and Finnish. 

However, among all the other exclusivities the most striking feature of the store is its enthralling deals and perks. For instance, inside its concurrent deal zone, shoppers will grab a range of 50% discounts on certain collections. With this, a special offer upon sing up discount is also untied. In a nutshell, the store is apt to enrich your free space under a trending budget!


  1. Illusive collection of global literature of all genre
  2. Enthralling discounts and offers
  3. Free worldwide delivery without setting any limit
  4. Trusted and secure payments


  1. Sparse collection of ancient literature

3. BAM/ Books-A-Million

Best for: combined collection, and audio series

Founded in 1917, the centuries-old book store is a one-stop gateway for all bibliophiles in the USA.  Recently the store has entrenched its service through opening an online service that gradually is becoming a global interface as a reputed book retailer. Unlike other bookstores, Books-A-Million uplifts it’s imperative and successfully carries it towards a new direction. Its franchise is tied up with an in-house cafeteria; Joe Muggs. Hence, BAM should not just be addressed only as a bookstore rather as a bookstore with a cafeteria. 

The genre of collections is ramified and marshaled into fiction, non-fiction, upcoming releases, and best sellers. However, the most interesting fact about the store is they release audio stories which stream on popular OTT platforms like Netflix, etc. Simultaneously with this, the store keeps special attention to marshaling the Harry Potter series. 

Not just the books, BAM also decks up with funny toys, kids’ games, and exclusive franchised goods such as Harry Potter mugs, custom bags, writing pads, etc. Each of its items; be it books, or others comes in hand at incredible discount ranges which most of the time a year encircles around 40%-50%. And currently, an event of sale is live at the store which dislodges the books even at 70% or more than that.


  1. A copious library of a diverse collection of books, audio series, games, etc.
  2. Put up remarkable price drops and discounts
  3. Easy and hassle-free delivery
  4. Exclusive membership discounts and perks 
  5. Also provides educational services 
  6. In-house cafeteria inside the in-store outlet


  • Nothing so far

FAQs| Purchasing books online

1. Why should people rely more on online book shopping?

A. The best part of online shopping is entitled with its super agile accessibility. In fact, within a few clicks, the shopping gets accomplished just by seating from home or from any remote area.

2. What are the advantages of online bookstores?

A. 1. You’ll experience a plethora of diverse collections upon the single interface

     2. Brief synopsis about every single book is written and displayed beforehand

     3. Enthralling discounts and perks are provided

     4. Agile, free, and feasible doorstep delivery is auto-chained with the purchase policy

3. Is the payment policy secure enough while purchasing a book online?

A. In general, the transactional gateways unlocked by an online store are highly encrypted be it for books or any other e-commerce store. However, yet to be prudent a little more you must verify the liability and TCs associated with the respective store.

Hence, this was an overall overview of these three trending global book stores above. Make these used aesthetically onwards from your next purchase and grab splendid perks and benefits. Enjoy reading, keep on reading, and propel the habit among your native circle as much as possible. Remember, being a pedant never counts as a single drawback! So, happy reading! 


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