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4 Best Online Stores For Delicious Edible Gifts & Flower Bouquets 


Surprising the person who matters to your life more than just the weight of your wallet. It is all about understanding the person and being empathetic to their feelings from the core. Thus an expensive box of gifts does not worth melting their hearts. In fact, it will take less than a second to turn their eyes bigger and full of emotions if you’re profoundly aware of his/her behavioral nature. Money simply doesn’t matter.

However, as a surprise won’t aesthetically be ‘the surprise’ if unaccompanied by cute material presents, a box of gifts does really act like a cherry on the cake! And here arises the main confusion. Because choosing a gift to propel the glow of bliss on your dear one’s face is quite challenging due to ample reasons. Thankfully, there is a piece of good news awaiting you. In the following, a list of the top 4 online gifting stores has been mentioned that will direct you to get the best gifts in your hand and make your family happy. So, let’s step into these sites and drill out what they are all about.

Edible Arrangements

Best For: Varieties Of Sweet Edibles, Gifts, & Seasonal Flowers

Entitling a gift with proper framing is just impossible, as it is devoid of any genre. Be it a palatable platter, a smorgasbord of fresh flowers, a box of trinkets, or a pouch of cookies— a gift is a gift that eventually shoves the person floating with joy and serenity after receiving. Thus, Edible Arrangements carry forth this principle to the next level by delivering baskets of juicy, sweet, and gluey edible gifts for years.

Established as a house of grab-and-go edible treats, the entire franchise of Edible Arrangements is compassionate to sweeten patrons’ teeth and tastebuds with delicious chocolates, cookies, and gluttonous appetizers. From birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation to any custom occasion Edible Arrangements is truly a bliss to glimmer both your wallet and face. Another striking feature embeds with its consumer friendliness in terms of releasing one after other cheap offers, and adhesive perks. 

List of exclusives 

As the name suggests Edible Arrangements is renowned for its copious platters of edible gift platters. The menu enlists a medley of cookies, chocolates, fruits, truffles, and dipped chocolates of vibrant flavours. Besides this, it keeps on releasing hefty alluring offers followed by the same-day delivery facility.

Offers on trends

Since it’s already mentioned that Edible Arrangements keeps on dispensing enticing offers all around the year, below a glimpse of trending offers is comprised up.

  • Get access to gift platters from the range below $30 in diverse names
  • Enjoy the chance to hand-pick fruit bouquets, desserts, and gift boxes
  • Special discounts on exclusive events such as Thank You, Birthday, summer fruits, etc.
  • Specific shopping discounts on seasonal fruit platters namely sweet autumn sneak peek
  • 15% instant discount for all first-time users
  • Same-day delivery on all orders


  • A limited selection of flower species
  • Very confined usage period for chocolate-dipped fruits. Ideally advised to have them within 48 hrs of purchase. 


Best For: Wide collection of flowers, plants, succulents of innumerable species, and edible gifts

There are no other gifts as pristine as flowers when we are keen to address the sense of gifting in this way. Because flowers embrace divinity and purity. Thus gifting a bouquet of flowers overtly petals out your true feeling in front of the person. Thereby 1-800-flowers solemnly promise to feed your floral needs at any point time of the day.

Keeping the central focus on supplying fresh flowers, inside its inventory, you’ll come across a spectrum of floral species, imported from various vicinities of the world, blooming orchids, and vibrant species of plants. The flowers can be shopped in multiple ways; by flower types, species, occasions, signature collections such as a-DOG-able, enchanting unicorns, exclusive gift bundles, and so on. In the same way, plants are categorized into various groups and taxonomies. Prominent types include bonsai plants, succulents, bamboo, indoor and outdoor plants, green plants, etc. Both flowers and plants can also be purchased for customized needs such as special occasions— birthdays, anniversaries, family get together, cremation, and so on.

Besides this fact, 1-800-flowers does also create a special section for gift baskets that include foods, appetizers, snacks, chocolates, and pastries. While buying a gift basket or hamper, the shopper can also include a flower bouquet into it of his/her own choice. Not just the edible gifts, shoppers will also account for a wide pile of material gifts such as jewellery, spa, and therapeutic essentials, and a gamut of home decor during their shopping.

List of offers and perks

1-800-flowers enables a bulge of offers all around a year which varies as per occasions, festive events, and so many alike. Below, everything has been put up into points. Take a look.

  • Huge selection of floral, orchid, and plant species
  • Each bouquet can be customized with handpick collection
  • Experts-recommended best-selling lists
  • Decent offers and discounts all the time. For example,
  • Get a 20% discount on all plant collections
  • Exclusive offers for back-to-school and mother’s day events
  • Enjoy special discounts on food hampers, gift baskets, wine, fruit, and cheese
  • Lifetime offer for 1-800-flower members
  • Hassle-free and smooth same-day delivery


  • Flower bouquets sometimes are more expensive than local florists
  • Shipping is not free all the time


Best For: Amazing saving offers of flowers, and edible mouth sweeteners

ProFlowers is more than just a florist. In fact, it values even the tiniest moment of life wholeheartedly. Thus whether a bundle of colourful roses or a pristine floral smorgasbord, any pick from ProFlowers cherishes purpose of the life with rejoicing and bliss. It was founded in 1989 with the imperative of keeping the United States merry and smiling all day long by greeting with fresh flowers.

It has an enormous stock of flowers and plants. The flowers are further classified into vibrant species, and types. These can be purchased in bundles, bouquets, and even single pieces. However, among all floral types, the best-selling ones are roses, sunflowers, tulips, and daisies.  With this, ProFlowers does also have a decent stock of dried flowers. While purchasing, shoppers must keep in mind that flowers get delivered in two ways; florist-to-door and directly from farm-to-door. So, it’s up to them what would be their preferences. 

ProFlowers exclusives

As said earlier that ProFlowers has an immense collection of flowers of countless varieties and plants, so these are its main exclusives. Followed by these, the store does also have an impressive stock of cakes, baked edibles, chocolates, hand-made chocolates, and so forth. All these are handy at real jaw-dropping prices.

List of offers and perks

  • Get access to massive custom flower bouquets along with events
  • Special entry of seasonal breeds such as blue flowers, summer daisies, etc
  • Enjoy assured 7-day freshness for flowers and a 14-day lush plant guarantee for long last.
  • Same-day delivery on all orders
  • Flower bouquets are accessible at a very affordable price


  • Flowers bouquets do not look as fresh as on the website
  • Inconsistent and delayed delivery at times


Best For: Humungous floral and gift collection and satisfying customer convenience policy

Established in 1910, FTD is embracing emotions and strengthening the connection between souls for over a century by supplying fresh flowers. Unlike other florists, this one is a hub for mixed flower bouquets and very beautiful floral arrangements that most of the time make a pair with gorgeous and antique flowers. 

From seasonal flowers and mixed flowers with heterogeneous groups of orchids, it is just impossible to traverse through FTD in a single enclosure. Side by side, the store does also display a brilliant stock of indoor and outdoor plants. Recently, FTD has partnered with ProFlowers, henceforth its collectiveness just boomed up disavowing any limit.

Offers and perks

  • A massive medley of flowers, orchids, mixed flowers, and plants
  • 100% free delivery on the same day
  • Cheap and affordable flower bouquets starting onwards from $30
  • Special offers on holiday events, festive events, and so many more
  • A huge list of edible gifts, personalized, and corporate gifts are also made available


  • Wrong deliveries, and delayed arrivals 
  • Customer service is not smooth all the time

Edible Arrangements Vs 1-800-Flowers.com Vs ProFlowers Vs FTD| A Quick Comparison

BrandsComparative Outlook
Edible ArrangementsI. Humungous collection of sweets, desserts, & candiesII. 365 days of jaw-dropping dealsIII. a decent stock of flowers from heterogenous species
1-800-FlowersI. Immersive stock of personalized gift baskets, flowers, etcII. Enthralling surprise on birthday giftsIII. Mesmerizing cornucopia of flowers, plants, and orchids
ProFlowersI. Impressive stock of mono or mixed-flower bouquetsII. brilliant year-round deals and offersIII. Feasible clientele service
FTDI. Floral collection according to emotion; happiness, birthday, anniversary, funeral, etc II. 24x7x365 client-serviceIII. Decent deals, perks, pay-offs, and markdowns

Hence, this was a quick and comprehensive overview of the best 4 florists in the USA. Hope you’ve found it useful and relevant. All the best to your shopping venture. Give a good self-treat and embrace beautiful moments with your family and friends.


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