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Alternatives to HelloFresh


When we feel too drowsy to enter the kitchen, we finally land up either ordering a wholesome ready meal or a ready-to-cook bowl from a reputed store. Now if you’re a kinda person who is affined more with ready-to-meals, HelloFresh is the most common option, as the reputation of the store is much higher. So, eventually, you may wonder by the thought whether there is any similar store of HelloFresh! Well, the answer won’t upset you. In fact, there is a huge pile of such stores which currently leading the USA’s food delivery market. Three names of out them have been picked up. Let’s go through their specification, meals, and service policy but before that, if you want the comparison simultaneously to start with HelloFresh itself, a brief outline about the store has been clubbed up. So, let’s start drilling out the details.

HelloFresh: Brief Outline

Founded first in Germany, in 2011, HelloFresh expanded its global popularity within a very limited time and managed to grow as the largest meal provided in the USA. It’s entire menu is prepared by expert dietitians and chefs which are perfectly cost-effective. Despite the nutritional information, every single meal can be customized as per the consumer’s need. Moreover, its menu gets upwelled with fresh input every week.

Menu and plans:

HelloFresh unlocks a huge menu which regularly gets updated every week with a replacement of 25 dishes with the new one. The entire menu is segregated as per the heads and their eating habits; for example single, group, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, etc. Ideally, its meal starts onwards from $7.99/ per person. However, the price may little differ as per heads and kinds of meal they offer. For instance, 3 meals (combo of veg+ non-veg) for 2 persons per week cost $69.93 and vice-versa. The best part is, that there is no hard-fast rule stipulated in the purchasing policy. A customer can go for any kind and number of meals at any point in time. 

Service policy: 

HelloFresh offers a 25+ course menu per week including a variant of ingredients options; low carb, high protein, etc. Hence, based on the menu, and ingredients options HelloFresh reaches out to its customers once a week. 

Top Alternatives To HelloFresh

Home Chef

When you want to spice up your taste buds without compromising with health, Home Chef should be your one-stop gateway to pamper your craving. With its vast menu, the store is apt surfeiting your nutritional needs with minimum effort. Moreover, the whole catalog is imparted into various parts according to cravings and calorie ratio. For example, meals can be enjoyed as breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinners with the self affined options of calories (low carb, high carb), protein, and fiber. The best thing is, that the dietary plan is auto-provided after going through a small quiz test which helps set out the final calorie percentage as per age, weight, and height.

Menu and plan details

Home Chef platters out a huge menu with vibrant dietary options such as carb-conscious, high protein value, low fiber, menu for diabetic patients, etc. Meal kits are delivered considering some other aspects as well namely dinner-based meal kits, oven-ready meals, grill-ready meals, instant meals, etc. The average time consumed to cook and plate the meals take around 5 mins to 30 mins max. The cost per meal is quite cheap starts $6.99 per person and $36 per 2 meals per week which can be served for 2. Also, there is no bound commitment to the subscription.


  • Easy to cook meals with over 30+ weekly options
  • No  bar against the customization options
  • 4 million+ positive reviews
  • 200+ meals served across the country


  • Not very many options are given to vegetarians
  • Dishes against allergenic symptoms are not given

Every Plate 

Every Plate places its name quite on the first phase under the list of top meal kit providers in the USA. The main striking factor which buttresses it to stand completely on a different side is its sheer budget effectiveness. It prepares as well as delivers a full course meal for only $4.99. Besides its exclusive weekly menu gets refreshed with 17 new and unlikely dishes every time. And undoubtedly to highlight that here again, the food carte is agile to free personalization. Just keep in mind prices do vary as per the kind of personalization.

Menu and plan details

The menu of Every Plate is layered triggering by various conditions namely spicy, wholesome meat, family meal or dinner, vegetarian, chef’s choices, and so on. The major inclusions are suggested after archiving detailed information about a respective person and checking his/ her background. However, a classic platter with 4 people and 3 meals per week does cost $4.99 per head. The number of people can be deduced to 2 while the intake of the meals can be increased to 5. All meals consume the least time to be plattered. 


  • Very much pocket-effective
  • Recommended by 9000 families
  • Vibrant weekly menu with fresh ingredients


  • Shipping is not free, charge some taxes
  • Information only about nutritional value is provided. No other information such as diet plans, goals, etc.
  • Organic ingredients are not available all the time

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer is unlike a regular meal kit provider rather it’s an online retailer that provides fresh groceries and all kinds of gourmet essentials such as milk, meat, fish, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, etc. Every inclusion in its basket is filled up with fresh and garden-picked fruits and vegetables. Along with it, the groceries are labeled with the recent packaging dates.

Plans and offers

The most enthralling aspect of Fred Meyer underlies its giggling offers and price drop events that help shoppers to grab maximum savings. Along with this, it also unlocks weekly deals which start onwards from $1. Despite it, the store also unlocks flat sale events that marshal out its products from $10. The store provides complimentary free delivery on all orders above $35. In one word, it can be said that Fred Meyer holds all the potential to be your loyal kitchen and cooking partner all the time.


  • Immersive price drop events and rewards
  •  Decks up fresh vegetables, dairy products, and gourmet needs such as sliced fish, minced chicken, ready-to-cook marinade meats, etc.


  •   Does not provide cooked meals or ready-to-cook meals
  • The skill of cooking and culinary are essentials

Things you should know before opting for ready-to-cook meals

Once, you’ve skimmed through the details of these stores above, there are some other parameters you must keep in mind before putting your order into the cart. Glance down to the following pointers for details.

Understand your own body

The catalog, provided by all meal kit provider stores is indeed lip-smacking, and here comes the first concern. Before set goes for a random meal bowl understand your body first and kind of the meal plan you want to be associated with. For example, if you’re intending for a weight loss program a heavy cheesy lasagne is a big no-no! Similarly, if you’re diabetic go for low carb meals. Hence, before, finalizing your meal course take advice from the consultant team of the store.

Nutritional value

Measure the nutritional amount your body requires. In case you feel baffled to calculate your personal nutritional intake, do amalgamate your body weight, height, and all other kinds of parameters together and then insert these together inside the nutrient measure index of the respective food store, and derive the result. Don’t forget, both over and malnutrition are harmful to your health.

Health and hygiene

Verify and cross-check the health and hygiene policy, carried out by the store. Head inside the chef’s kitchen and check out the cooking methodologies. If you feel anything suspicious or can’t find detailing about the cooking and culinary process on the web portal of a respective meal delivery website, better alter the store with a new one.

Subscription policy

Go through the subscription policy and agreement, if any. This is because not to be trapped any kind of nuisances further.

That’s what is the overview of the 3 popular alternative stores to HelloFresh. There are plenty analogous. But with the help of our research team, you find these to be more efficient. Hence, enjoy your meal setting aside all kinds of cooking hassles.


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