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5 Best Makeup Brands Every Woman Should Know


Every single living being in this world is a venerator of beauty and pristinity. From flowers to birds to human beings–everyone falls for good looks and grace. While for other animals, the process of embracing beauty follows a natural process but for humans, it is quite different. Because in the human world beautification means a symbiosis of natural and anthropogenic input. In brief, underscoring grace becomes possible after patting up with a certain amount of makeup and accessories.

The beauty market is flooded with several hundred makeup brands nowadays. All of these do carry distinct abstractness to be separable from their fellow stores. Most of these brands have proved a gracious effect once being accessorized with their collection. However, among the huge plunge we’ve picked 5 names that reveal the highest soar across every single alcove of the USA and neighboring territories.  Thereby, it’s important peeking inside these brands and explore what exactly addresses them as very distinct and popular. So, stay tuned to the article below, if you are tempted to uncovering the details.

Top 5 brands every woman should know

1. Chanel

A fashionista across any part of the USA is unaware of Chanel–is simply hard to believe. Grew first by Coco Chanel in Paris, in 1910 as a fashion boutique of rather simple, easy-to-go everyday collection after smashing the ‘heavy opulent and over-embellished fashion trend’ in France of that time. Being infixed with the idea of carrying forth a simple yet catchy notion of flamboyance, Chanel has now become a global face with around 10.1 USD billion as of now. 

Across the USA as well, the main hinge point of the boutique paces up with chich, airy and trendy fashion apparel, makeup and skincare essentials, both heavy and fine light jewelry, and exclusive seasonal fashion trend what is termed as Haute Couture! Along with this, Chanel also bottles up its signature perfume brands Chanel. 5, Chanel Signature, etc. all of which reveal a fascinating symphony of floral and several husky notes. Presently the company is owned by Alain Wertheimer and Gérard Wertheimer, grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer who was once partnered with it. 

Major specification:

What’s more?

  • Free standard FedEx shipping to all orders with a charge of $20 for overnight delivery
  • 14 days return cycle along with an agile refund policy
  • Flourishing climate sustainability campaign via dressmaking or crafting new approaches
  • Launch latest summer exclusive skincare product Sublimage Lumiere 

2. Estee Lauder

“You ask my age? I tell you it simply doesn’t matter”–that’s what is the principal focus of the brand since the time of its germination. For, Estee, who was the lead founder of the brand back in 1946 solely believed in the science of ‘glowing’ that can superimpose the biological process of aging at no time. 

The central forte of the brand was to process exceptional skincare products with absolute benign effect, even after 76 years of its establishment the tenet remains unscratched. Rather lots of other paraments have been added to make the beautification process more reliable and scientific. For instance, before pushing the user for final grabs, it humbly offers them to be attentive to its pro consultant’s tips, and virtual trial options to trim further obstacles. Additionally, it also prepares detailed skin analysis and suggests the products according to the result. 

With time Estee Lauder has ramified its specifications to the procession of quality makeup and fragrances. The most notable fact of the brand is it keeps all of its products under a super affordable range and arranges lots of prize events over time.

Major Specifications:

  • Skincare items: serum, moisturizer, toner, wrinkle, anti-aging essentials, night care products, etc.  
  • Makeup items: available as foundation, concealer, bronzer, with tools and brushes
  • Fragrances: host an ocean of vibrant notes majorly with a dominance of floral notes

What’s more?

  • Check and pick a gift from its alluring array of gift sets start onwards from $50
  • Participate in ongoing spin and wheel event and bag enticing gifts with additional perks
  • Explore the exclusive spring fragrance collection

3. Dior

Dior is not just a name but rather a legacy that has been able to set itself up as a bastion of revolutionary fashion since 1946. Albeit, the majority of the world addresses the brand as the premium house of fine and rich perfumes however it also marshalls an exclusive collection of dresses, and makeup accessories at the same time. In one word Dior is a symphony of luxury, creativity, and vogue.

For 2022 Spring, the store upwells its scent rack by introducing LA COLLECTION PRIVEE X AZUMA MAKOTO and J’ADORE. While the Makoto collection propagates the bright spring vibe through blending gardens of flowers, J’ADRORE flirts with husky notes to vogue with a sensual personality further.

In terms of fashion and dresses, Dior too does follow the path of Haute Couture and for this season it also revealed it. Pride of Dior would be void if over boarded with its dazzling galore of bags of all kinds. A crossbody, or a clutch whatever kind of zeal you pat for bags, straight head inside the store without any confusion.

Major specification

4. L’Oreal Paris

Both a fashion tycoon’s and beauty expert’s favorite store, L’Oreal Paris is an inclusive store of beauty and scientific technology. That means whether a skincare item or a hair care product each of them goes through rigorous scientific experimentation before finally being marketed. The striking fact out of all that, the brand itself supports and clamors for environmental sustainability, hence all its products are devoted to cruelty-free input and devoid of harmful effects.

L’Oreal Paris avails specific scientific technology during the process of beauty treatment and cure. For example, hair transplantation, advanced beauty, skin reparation techniques, etc. And at the same time, it also carries specific pageant campaigns; such as for folks suffering or coped with cancer, as the store accepts no bar in the context of flaunting. It makes an annual revenue of $7 billion only across the USA.

The top-rated brands of L’Oreal Paris are L’Oreal Paris, L’Oreal Paris Luxe, Garnier, Maybelline New York, NYX Professional makeups, Stylenanda, Dark & Lovely, Neily, etc. Each of these boons abstract specifications and is available for all genders.

Major specifications:

  • A global sustainable store of fashion
  • Exclusively focuses on hair care, makeup, and skincare products
  • Partnered with numerous global brands, and bodies to soar higher and higher in pitch for eco-friendly style and vain.

5. Lancome

One of the aesthetic global brands for perfume and makeup, Lancome profuses under the shadow of L’Oreal Paris in 1935 in France. The central dexterity of the brand was to create mastermind formulas for skincare, makeup, and fragrances. And today even after hitting a global revenue of $272 million, the brand shows no digression from the core concept. 

Due to being a French invention, a multitude of floral dominance is observed in its scent bottles. Apart from it, every single product is highly budget effective. In one sentence, stepping inside Lancome to chisel up your suave attitude is indeed a wise decision. 

Major specification:

  • Concentrated on creating skincare, makeup, and perfume
  • Complimentary services along with free virtual trials regarding skin types analysis are provided
  • Enthralling seasonal discounts are carried out from time to time.

What’s more?

  • Get free doorstep delivery above $75 on all orders
  • Enjoy ELITE rewards after being a Lancome member
  • Bag free complimentary makeups with your order
  • Get prior notices to early launches of the latest releases

So, this was all about these 5 makeup stores in terse. Do try out any of these. At the same time, you can step ahead for other stores as well. The choice is up to you. However, just to keep you informed that all these stores are highly budget effective and gleaned a bulge of global feedback. So, pamper your flamboyance with a master elegant stroke! Enjoy! 


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